Time for Recovery

My 4 year old daughter who loves to play pretend, one day mixed up a potion especially for me: “Mama, this is a potion to make you run really fast!” ¬†Oh wow, was I amazed and pleased she knew exactly what mama wanted ūüôā ¬†Although right now, I just wish I could take one of […]

Good Habits

At least 2 out of 4 running days, I run on the treadmill as it is easier for me to drop off my kid at the YMCA childcare where she can run freely and enjoy the company of other children. ¬†I have taken my youngest one on long stroller runs before but she is reaching […]


New Year. New Goals. New Experiences. New Milestones (from my girls who are 1 and 4). ¬†Each new year brings forth a sense of renewal and sheer determination to achieve our goals and aspirations. ¬†This year I decided to keep¬†a¬†training¬†journal. ¬†It’s been 7 years since I had one – back in 2008, I wrote in […]