2014 Wrap-up

What a year!  In January, I decided 2014 was my comeback year to run a half marathon, a full marathon and a few shorter races in between.  I also wanted to see if I was still capable to achieve a personal best in any of the races I ran – somewhat of a lofty goal I realized for someone who took a few years off from long-distance training.  A total of 6 races accomplished – 10k, 8mile, 15k, 2 half marathons and a marathon!  Overall I am satisfied with my overall performance.  None of them were a PR, but I finished strong and recovered rather quickly in the majority of the races.  However, there is always room for improvement: 1) my total mileage build-up for both half-marathons and marathon could have been slightly higher than what I did (approx only 30+mi for halfs and 40+mi for full) 2) Set aside time for strength/core training even if it’s only 30min/week.

After the NYC marathon, I took a break from any form of exercise for a week, then slowly introduced a little bit of cross-training, then some easy running.  The last two months of the year mainly consisted of cross-train/easy runs plus strength/core/balance training in preparation for the 2015 training season.  So far, I have my sights on two half-marathons – March/July and possibly another fall marathon (Portland or DC?) with of course, a couple of 5k/10k/15ks sprinkled throughout the season. I am hopeful and determined to set some PRs in 2015!