24/7 Parenting duties (Week 1 marathon training)

What I assumed to be a challenging week turned out to be relatively manageable, yet quite exhausting!  This past week was my first time alone with the girls while my husband was overseas for a conference.  We have been fortunate enough to have him home for awhile now.  So when he broke the news to me, I was less than thrilled to hear it.  Daytime was less of a concern to me since I stay at home with the kids we had our routines and activities established.  However, I dreaded the thought of juggling two young kids through dinner, bath and bed…and also having to take the dog for a stroll!  Amazingly, everything worked out.  I went to bed very tired each night and wondered how military families (with mom or dad on deployment) or single parents handle it.  My baby did treat me to a full 5 to 6 hours of sleep two nights in a row which helped to jump start my energy for the following days.  Again somehow, things just worked themselves out and very thankful for it.

Late afternoon stroll

Late afternoon stroll to the playground

Our 70lb dog who loves to stop and pull was well-behaved which made it easier for me to maneuver the stroller while Eyva walked next to it.

Without my husband to watch the kids, what did I accomplish for my first week of training?  Fortunately, Eyva was still in school this past week (her final week) so I got some miles in during that time.

M: Cross-train Bike/Row/Strength Train

T:  6mi around Balboa Park.  I had a dental apptment so Izzy was already in childcare.  Conveniently enough, my dentist is located across from Balboa Park.  As soon as my cleaning was finished, I took off for my run.

W: Interval workout on the treadmill (3x1200m, 400m RI with a 1mi warmup and cooldown)

R: Off

F: Stroller run 3.5mi

S: Hubby finally home 🙂 I opted to run alone 1omi around Coronado instead of heading north for a trail run.  (Yes, I found a running group mostly members of the San Diego Track Club who are training for Chicago and some NY).   I felt some tightness/discomfort on my right foot lateral side and hamstring during the run, but felt great otherwise.

Total mi: 24.5mi


Overcast day at Coronado Beach. Perfect morning for a run – breezy and cool.