5K Pi Day Run and Hoppy Trails – on my Weekly Training Recap

Two fun runs in one week!  Both with our local running store, Movin Shoes. Last Tuesday, they hosted a 5K fun run in honor of Pi Day and yesterday was Hoppy Trails #3 (keep reading to find out what is Hoppy Trails!)  I may have had too much fun as I find myself with barely any motivation to move on a Monday.

Pi(e) Day

As many of you know, the symbol π translates to the number 3.14159… and it has become a day to celebrate with pie, whether it’s eating or even throwing pies.  However, because we are runners, it’s only fitting to run a 5K and .04 miles! Movin Shoes had their second annual Pi Day 5K  with free slices of pies to eat after the run.  There was a good turnout of people, at least 50 of us.  And even the local news made it out to interview the coach and a few runners.

The course wasn’t marked because it was simply a fun run.  Movin Shoes’ Coach Mick gave us directions with only two rules for the run, #1 Obey traffic laws and #2 Don’t get run over by cars.  We did have to cross a couple of stoplight intersections before we reached the bayside trail. This may have been a ‘fun’ run but this was my speed workout for the week.  I set a goal to run at least an 8:00/mi average pace.  Unfortunately, I stopped my watch when we reached an intersection and forgot to start it so I missed at least .5mi of the run.  I noticed I did go out much faster in the first half, around 7:30/mi pace (gradual decline) and lost steam on the way back.  No worries though since I got my piece of pie in the end!

Hoppy Trails Series

Why is my motivation low on a Monday?  My body is unexpectedly sore from yesterday’s trail run.  Every month, Movin Shoes hosts a free trail run at different locations in San Diego County. Afterwards, runners would meet at one of the many breweries closest to the trails. Hence, the name “Hoppy Trails”.  I’m not a big beer drinker (yes to wine, but no to beer) so I skipped the ‘hops’ but still enjoyed the trails.

This event started at Black Mountain Ranch Park, a 40-min drive from my house.  My planned mileage for the day was 10 miles but the longest loop of the course was a 15K.  Looking at the elevation profile on the map, I had a feeling 15K would be enough.  At least 30 runners made it out that morning and my best (running) friend joined me as well.  Coach Mick explained the course to us but as he talked I was looking at the course map on my phone.  We are running the same 15K loop as the XTERRA Trail Runs Socal Race scheduled in early April.  The map was simple enough to follow, or so we thought!….We started late around 7:45am.  While it was still cool at that time, I knew by mid-day it would get warm under sunny skies.

Hoppy Trails celebrating the official end of winter yesterday! Hoppy Spring today!!!

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So after a 40-min drive and maybe ten minutes of waiting for the run to start, my bladder was causing havoc.  I didn’t see a restroom nearby and didn’t bother to look around further.  By the time we started, I was uncomfortable and needed a place to relieve myself.  Luckily, there was an area where I can stoop behind a concrete box and not be seen. Two other females followed my lead.  I knew I wasn’t the only one!

Not even a mile in to the run and we already took the wrong turn.  We were following a group ahead of us who had to back track to follow the correct route. Along the way, we encountered a mountain biker who said we were heading in the right direction as he just passed a slew of runners.  In the next mile, Miche and I were running our own pace so it was just the two of us with a few runners behind.

Lost on the Trail

We reached another fork, with the left one heading towards a main road.  On the course map, it showed how we had to cross a main road to get to the other side of the trail.  What I didn’t pay attention to was the cross street and the direction we were heading.  So we crossed the road and continued on the other side of the trail.  Meanwhile, other runners started to follow us.  As we approached another main road, I looked at the map and our location on google, then realized how we were off-course at least by a mile.  I was apologetic for leading the group to the wrong route. One of the runners mentioned how she got lost in a 50K ultra. She ended up running 39 mi instead of 31 mi and it was the second time she ran the race!

So another backtrack onto the course and we were glad to see Coach Mick on the trail to lead us in the right direction. At this point we were close to running 4 miles.  Miche and I decided to run another 1.5 mi and did an out/back instead. We didn’t want to risk missing another turn.  On the way back, I started to feel tired as it was a gradual climb from 200ft to 700ft.  We finished with about a 15K total miles (9.4).  What an adventure run!.  My lesson learned – Listen to the Coach’s directions!!!

Did you run Pi miles on Pi day?  Ever got lost on a run?

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