Be Inspired – Strong Women Runners

Instead of the usual list of workouts I post for the Weekly Wrap link-up, I wanted to focus on these women runners whose admirable accomplishments inspire me to continue to pursue my own running dreams and goals.

 46 members of the San Diego Track Club raced in  the 120th Boston Marathon, where the Women’s Open Team placed 11th of 59 teams and the Women’s Master Team placed 8th of 59 teams.  However, I was blown away by Natasha Bliss, who at 26 weeks pregnant finished the marathon in 4:24 despite the challenging course and the heat.  I ran a very slow 10K when I was 24 weeks pregnant and I can’t even imagine running 20 more particularly on the hills of Boston.


San Diego Track Club Boston group  Photo credit: Pat McBride


♥ I can’t remember exactly when I started following Allison Fiorini, she’s a distance runner (and pole fitness connoisseur) chronicling miles and hours of dedicated training on her blog Inverted Sneakers. I’ve always been in awe of the hard work she puts in towards her training.  For her 6th consecutive Boston Marathon, she followed the Hansons Marathon method, 6 days of running per week at paces I could only run in my dreams, peaking up to 80+miles.   She impressively finished Boston to beat her course PR at 3:11.  The heat affected her pace (as it affected a majority of the runners that day) to execute her PR goal of 3:05 (read her recap), yet she ran with vigor and left Boston satisfied with what she accomplished.  10 days later, she raced the Kentucky Derby Marathon, the 32nd state in her 50 states marathon journey and won first place female overall at an incredible time of 3:02:19, a few minutes faster than her goal of 3:05!  Allison, you are a rock and no matter how tough your training was, you committed to it.  Your grit and determination pushed you to your best.  No one else deserved this victory but YOU!


After two years of trying and coming up short, I FINALLY ran a marathon PR! 3:02:19 and first overall female at the Kentucky Derby Marathon.  Thanks you so much to my amazingly supportive family and friends who put up with my craziness.  What a rush!!! State number 32 is in the books!!”


♥ The best feed I saw on Saturday featured Ida Keeling, 100 yrs old, who set a world record for the 100m at the Penn Relays.  Her story is written in the Well blog section of the New York Times and she also has a website Healthy Past 100. She started racing in her 60s after much persuasion from her daughter who was a track and field athlete to help her with the deep depression she suffered because both of her sons were murdered. Ida Keeling mentioned how ‘running gave her a sense of serenity’.  What’s her secret to maintaining good health?  A strict regimen of diet and exercise – according to Ida, she ‘eats for nutrition, not for taste’ and ‘gets an hour of exercise everyday’.   Even though she suffers from arthritis and relies on a cane to walk, it does not stop her from competing as evident by her performance at the Penn Relays.  She is a truly remarkable woman.

 Saving the best for last is my dear Mom who at 66 yrs old, has been afflicted by the running bug!  Since the beginning of the year, she started a run/walk program to train for a 5K she completed last Sunday.  Unexpectedly, she heard her name announced during the awards ceremony as she placed 3rd in her age group.  What an exciting time for her!  At the race, she met several women her age (and some older) who meets for a group run/walk on Saturday mornings.  Now, she is even more determined and her next goal is to run a 10K in the fall.


Who has inspired you lately?

Thanks Tricia and Holly for hosting the Weekly Wrap.  My post this week doesn’t exactly follow your format but I wanted to give credit to those who have inspired me.