The Camp Life – Loved It/Hated It

Our eight-day California road trip came to an end after several hundred miles of driving, four nights of camping at three different campsites (Intake II near Bishop, Meeks Creek Bay in Tahoe, Grizzly Creek State Park) and several scenic stops along the way (Cascade Falls Tahoe, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Redwoods State/National Park, San Francisco, Monterey/Big Sur/Hearst Castle, San Luis Obispo).  The days flew by as we seemed to be in constant motion but we had a chance to slow down with a 2-night stay in Tahoe.  This trip was the most time I spent camping and as much as I enjoyed it, it also had a number of annoyances I could have done without.

LOVED IT – Cooking on our new cheap Coleman stove we purchased at Walmart.  I liked waking up to coffee, eggs and pancakes for breakfast.  For dinner, we made chicken apple sausages, steak and pork chops with vegetable side dishes.
HATED IT – Yellow jacket bees wanted a share of our food. Not just one or two, but several of them buzzed on every dish we had.  This was a first for us and had I known beforehand, I would have used one of the techniques as discussed in More than One way to keep Yellow Jackets Away. Has anyone tried dryer sheets?

Cooling off at Cascade Falls

View of our hike to Cascade Falls

Feeling so small amidst gigantic trees

LOVED IT – Time outdoors and being engulfed in the beauty of nature.  Our campsites were a hop, skip, jump away from a body of water to easily engage in water activities – fish, swim, paddleboard as well as nearby trails.   We went for a hike to the Cascade Falls in Tahoe.  It was warm and we cooled off dipping our feet in the crystal clear waters of the falls.  At Redwoods, we were surrounded by an incredible grove of gigantic trees where we breathed in crisp, clean air. It was absolutely amazing.
HATED IT – At least 36 total hours of driving!  We covered a good distance with the different sites we wanted to visit.

LOVED IT – Flushable toilets and sinks with running water!  When we camped last time, we used primitive open commodes akin to porta potties.  It was luxury to use a toilet devoid of unpleasant odors.
HATED IT – 3 nights without showering (enough said!)

Time for Smores

LOVED IT – Sitting with the family by the campfire to warm up and roast marshmallows for a single smore that only my 5 yr old eats. My youngest likes to eat the graham crackers and chocolate separately minus the marshmallows.  I prefer a piece of dark chocolate with red wine and my husband a roasted marshmallow with beer 😆
HATED IT – Unable to sleep feeling smothered by the smoke from surrounding campfires.  Our tent must have been in the direction of the wind but it didn’t seem to bother anyone else but ME!

Me and my gals

LOVED IT – Sandwiched in between my two daughters at night.  In a tent is the only place I get a chance to fall asleep with both of them, each of their hands in mine.
HATED IT – only have LOVE for this fleeting MOMENT with my girls as I watch them grow up too quickly.

I am grateful my husband had the opportunity to take time off.  It was a great way to finish the summer season as we welcome another school year.

Any advice for pesky yellow jackets invading your food?  What’s the longest road trip you’ve done?

It’s the Weekly Wrap with Holly and Tricia.  Thanks for hosting a link-up supporting active women’s lifestyle.



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