Time for Recovery

My 4 year old daughter who loves to play pretend, one day mixed up a potion especially for me: “Mama, this is a potion to make you run really fast!” ¬†Oh wow, was I amazed and pleased she knew exactly what mama wanted ūüôā ¬†Although right now, I just wish I could take one of […]

9 weeks later…

Training plan derailed. ¬†Here I am with only 9 weeks to go building my mileage cautiously so I can¬†stay healthy and make it to the start line. ¬†It has been a challenge¬†maintaining my mileage¬†with the number of hurdles I encountered the past 9 weeks: 1) foot pain/tight hamstring which forced me to take a week […]

Better days ahead

Foot pain and tight hamstrings. Sick fussy baby and never ending demands from my 3-yr old. Sleepless nights. Restless days. Tears and more tears. This was my emotional roller coaster week. To top it off, while I was running additional miles¬†after my interval workout with the track club, the discomfort in my right foot got […]