Beat the Heat Workouts and The ClassPass Advantage

I survived the summer heat this past week and managed to workout most days.  Although I confess, I haven’t been running as much – total of 9 miles.  This is what happens when I’m not training for a race.  In a way, I find it liberating without having to stick to a schedule and a training plan.  I can do whatever activity I prefer, so I did a smorgasbord of workouts avoiding the heat as much as possible.

Monday – Indoor Row 2000m and Strength Train at the YMCA

Tuesday – It was a busy day at the Y around 9am that every treadmill was taken.  Surely, it was because of how hot it was already.  I had planned to simulate a hill run by varying the incline on the treadmill but got stuck on the elliptical for the first 10 minutes until I spotted an available treadmill.  Being on a time-crunch, I only managed to run 20 minutes but with the inclines, I thought it was challenging enough.  Finished the workout with core exercises.

Wednesday – Finally I had the chance to SWIM laps!  It has been my intention since my girls started lessons at the Y that while they swim, I do the same.  Unfortunately for the past few weeks, the single lane in the same pool has been occupied but I lucked out this time.  Okay, I was nervous at first because I wasn’t sure if I had the endurance to make it the length of the pool.  I know I can always switch to a backstroke but surprisingly, I made it to the end of the lane without heavy breathing.  I remember the first time I swam a lap many many years ago, I felt completely out of shape.  I continued to swim back and forth until my daughters’ lesson ended.  Next time though I need to have some type of structured workout.  My freestyle stroke could use a bit of tweaking.

Thursday – By the time I dropped off my 5yr old daughter in camp and my 2 yr old in preschool, it was already up in the 90s inland.  I knew if I wanted to get a decent run in, I would have to venture near the water where it was 10 degrees ‘cooler’.  It’s been at least a month since I ran around Coronado so it was my Thursday run destination.  I had the A/C blasting in the car during my drive there that when I stepped out I could already feel the warmth.  I didn’t have a goal distance in mind so I told myself I can run at least 1.5mi out then can head back for a total of 3mi.  After I got to 1.5mi, I was less than a mile out to the beach, so I decided to keep going then ran on the packed sand.  I made the right decision to go when I felt the breeze slightly cool off my body.  It was so tempting to take off my shoes and soak my feet in the water.  But then I would have had to deal with wet feet and sand in my socks.  I made a loop through the downtown area of Coronado instead of an out/back route and the sun started to beat down on me towards the end.  All I could think of was the ice cold water waiting for me in the car.  I finished my run that totaled to 5 mi at a nice easy pace.


The cool breeze is what I needed to energize this run!

Friday was another day of ME time with my girls both busy with camp/preschool.  The night before I thought about what I wanted to accomplish without any disruption so I considered doing mundane chores around the house.  But I had an itch to do something different and I’ve wanted to try SUPing since summer started (on my Summer Fitness Bucket List) so I researched SUP lessons in the area that would fit my schedule.  The best result was a paddle yoga class with Bliss Paddle Yoga for 1.5hrs.

ClassPass:  When I was about to sign-up for the class, I noticed that they accepted ClassPass.  I’ve heard of ClassPass before but was unfamiliar with the structure or the pricing plans.  After a brief research I found it valuable to purchase the basic plan of $50/5 classes monthly with the limit of visiting the same studio 2x.  If I just signed up for the class, it would have cost $29.  This way I can go the same class again or check out a different paddle yoga class or even a totally different class I’m interested in trying (maybe a dance class?)  There are so many options to choose from in San Diego. Another advantage of it is being able to use it in other major cities if I were to travel and needed a place to workout.  I booked my class on a desktop which was very easy and a mobile app is also available. (Disclosure:  ClassPass has a referral program which I included in this link.  If you are interested in trying it, click on the link to receive $30 off your first month.  There are no commitments so you can cancel anytime).

Mermaid boards from Bliss Paddle Yoga

Bliss Paddle Yoga:  The class met at Fanuel Street Park where Sail Bay Beach is easily accessible.  I wasn’t expecting a large group but there were 8 of us, all women without any SUP experience.  While most of us were familiar with yoga, none of us has done an asana on an unstable surface so this was going to be an eye-opener experience.

We were given instructions on how to carry the board in one arm while holding an anchor, life vest and paddle in the other arm.  I was intimidated by the size of a board and wondered even before this class if I can actually handle one, but after I picked it up it was surprisingly manageable.  We walked a short distance from the meet-up point to the beach and received further directions on how to hold a paddle, the proper way to row plus how to unlock/lock the anchor when we arrive at the area where we will start the yoga session.

I started in a kneeling position – lower center of gravity = better stability.  Our instructor Alana was behind yelling to stand up when we’re ready.  One girl to my right lost her balance and ended up in the water so I was a little nervous but eventually I built up the courage to stand.  The water was warm and I know how to swim so it wasn’t a big deal if I end up falling.  However I didn’t and it was easy to stay stable.  I did have an issue with maneuvering my board to the right spot when it was time for us to anchor.  Alana wanted to position us so the nose of our boards were parallel to the shore and we were somewhat aligned.  I was the last one to get into the right spot where I could finally anchor.

The yoga class finally started and not even a few minutes after, I found myself drifting away from the group.  Alana was in her paddleboard giving loud instructions but it was hard for me to hear her so I just watched the other women and figured what pose they were doing.  After a few poses, I was way too far that I had to paddle back to the group which took a few minutes.  After I anchored and a few poses later, I again drifted away. This occurred repeatedly until it was time to head back to shore.  Apparently I wasn’t the first to experience the discrepancy with anchoring.  The advantage was I spent a lot of time rowing and loved it so I was sold on purchasing my own board.  As far as the yoga itself, the transitions to the lunging poses (Warrior 1) required deeper concentration and I couldn’t execute a tree pose at all.  My balance is horrible in this pose even on solid ground.  Remarkably, I saw one of the students do a modified hand-stand (on her elbows).


See the board to the right with a paddle next to it? That was the board we picked out!

West Coast Paddle Sports:  Sunday we made the trek to a paddleboard store we visited a long time ago when my husband initially wanted to get one.  He never did and got a kayak instead.  So it was my turn this time successfully finding a packaged deal with a paddle included on clearance and a military discount on top of it.  The guy (I can’t remember his name – shame on me) who assisted us was very helpful.  He pulled out the board to ensure I can carry it without any issues.  The board we purchased had a handle which made it easier to grip and pick up to lift over my head.  Fortunately, I’ve been working out 🙂 so it wasn’t too much of a problem.  The only issue with my short stature, I’m 5’1, would be lifting it all the way up to place on the roof rack of our SUV.  I practiced after we finished testing it on the bay but couldn’t manage and needed help from my husband.  Guess I won’t be able to take it out on my own but not a big deal.  We will figure out a solution in the future.

After we strapped the board on the roof rack, we drove to De Anza Cove in Mission Bay and tested out my brand new paddleboard!  At first my daughters were hesitant to ride with me but eventually my 2 yr old decided she wanted to try it.  Of course after seeing that my 2 yr old had fun during her ride, my 5 yr old finally decided she wanted to do it too. Then they had to ‘fight’ for a turn so I just took both of them.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Have you tried ClassPass before? How about Paddle Yoga?  Would be interested in hearing about your experience.

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