Countdown to Chicago Marathon – 16 weeks to go

I am on Week 4 of my modified training for the Chicago Marathon while my foot heals from a stress fracture.  Last week, I revealed my plan to prepare me to start and finish well at the Chicago Marathon.  Many of you shared very encouraging messages and I want to let you know how much I truly appreciate your support.   It’s amazing how the support of a community can have a strong impact on the way you approach training.

My Week of Workouts

This past week was my kid’s final week in school.  Within a school year, I noticed many changes in the way they talked and behaved.  My daughter who finished first grade made significant progress in her reading, writing, and math skills. It’s a joy to be able to witness their growth.
My goal for this week was 5 days of workouts with 2 days of rest/active recovery, but I had a mid-morning commitment on Monday and failed to prioritize well enough to include a workout during the day.
Wednesday was another opportunity to reach the 5-day workouts but Iistened to my body instead.  After an intense spin workout on Tuesday night plus a pool run Tuesday morning, I needed a day of recovery.  Because I can’t do my Tuesday night interval runs, I’ve replaced it with an hour spin class which usually includes bouts of high intensity.  Our instructor changed her routine and it included 30 sets of sprints!  I was definitely tired after the workout.
I am starting to feel more comfortable in the pool.  It was hot this past week so I couldn’t be more grateful to spend it in the water. Any of you own a floatation belt and would like to recommend one?  They have belts available at the YMCA but I considered purchasing one that would be a better fit.

12-18JUN Workouts:

Mon – Off
Tues – 30 min Pool Run AM – avg 8:30/100m; 60 min spin class + Bosu/dumbbell workout PM
Wed – Active Recovery
Thurs- 45 min Pool Run AM- avg 8:30/100m; Core Strength – PM
Fri- 45 min TRX/Kettle bell deadlifts, squats, rows
Sat- 65 min Pool Run – avg 8min/100m
Sun – Rest

Two more weeks until I can RUN again!  My foot doesn’t even hurt that it’s been so tempting to JUST DO IT!  I’ve been good at practicing my willpower to refrain.   Better to be healed than to cause more damage.
How do you prioritize your day?   Any of you do 2-a-day workouts?  
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