Friday Five 15-minute workouts

We are on Day 5 of our StrongBody Streak, a 29-day challenge created by yours truly and Allison of InvertedSneakers to reap the benefits of strength training and establish a habit of adding a strength component into our training regimen.  With 22 members in our FB group, we’ve shared workouts (learned a few new ones), provided encouragement and motivation to help one another accomplish our daily goals. Training for a half marathon plus the additional strength workouts takes a lot out of my day – both time and energy, so I’ve kept my workouts relatively short. The good news is according to a post by Ben Greenfield, one of my favorite health and fitness experts, short 15 minute workouts throughout the week is comparable to longer less frequent workouts.  So if I were to exercise about 50 minutes twice a week, the adaptations would be the same if I break it into 15 minutes of exercise 7 days a week.

Here are the five short routines I did this week:

  1.  ACE Fitness 6 Standing Ab Exercises – this routine utilizes a medicine ball for all exercises.  What I liked: Performing the exercises from a standing position in different planes of motions where more muscles are activated.  One set of this routine is done in 6 minutes (I did 30 secs/exercise instead of the recommended 10 – 20 secs/exercise).  I added a hip/glute/quad strength routine from Strength Running, the ITB Rehab Routine developed by Jason Fitzgerald after he was sidelined for 6 months from an IT Band injury.

Photo Credit: ACE Fitness

2.  Runner’s World Get Strong Stay Healthy – Monday night I received the March issue of Runner’s World and  my eyes immediately noticed the cover headline, ‘Get Superfit’, ‘Build Strength’, ‘Run Happy & Injury-Free’ so it was the first page I checked out.  This workout took almost 20 minutes after 2 sets of 20 rounds.  What I liked:  It’s a full body routine with focus on core and hips.  All exercises are demonstrated in video format.

3.  Coach Jay Myrtl Routine – I give credit to Allison of Inverted Sneakers for introducing me to this routine.  I’ve done many of these exercises as part of my hip strength/mobility workouts but didn’t realize there was an actual name for it until this past week.  What I liked:  12 exercises Hip Strength Focus with photos visible in a PDF format.  The video demonstration is available on YouTube.  I did one set on Thursday which took less than 10 minutes so I added a quick TRX workout which consisted of push/pulls/planks.

Photo credit: Competitor



4.  Running Competitor Core Workouts for Runners using Bodyweight – the routine provides 3 different types of core exercises: static, rotary, and dynamic from which you can select a few to do prior to a run as specified in the article.  However, I did all 7 as my core workout for the day.  2 sets will take about 15 minutes.




5.  IDEA Exercise Library and Workout Builder – customized circuit workout I created for myself.  As a member of IDEA, I have access to over 1000 videos of exercises to develop specific programs.  For this quick workout, I wanted to focus on the five primary movements of exercise: Bend and lift movements (squats), Single leg movements (lunges), Pushing movements (push-ups, shoulder press), Pulling movements (pull-ups), Rotational movements (chops).  I will discuss more about these primary movements in a future post as to the benefits of training movements instead of targeting muscle groups.

“Variety is the spice of life” and I like my workouts to vary from day to day.  What’s your favorite strength training routine? What sources do you use?

Disclaimer:  For professional guidance in your exercise program, please find a certified Personal Trainer in your area.  It’s important to see a qualified healthcare provider for advice and to address any questions or concerns prior to starting a fitness program. The exercises presented on this post are for suggestion only.  Participate at your own risk and stop if you feel faint or experience shortness of breath.

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