Goals for 2016, Reality Check

We are at the halfway point of 2016, which made me start thinking of the health and fitness goals I set back in January.  How this would be a good time to review my goals to see what I’ve accomplished, which ones are on track and those that got derailed and require to be re-directed.  what-keeps-me-going-is-goals-quote-1

First, let’s look at the goals I’ve already achieved:

  • HALF-MARATHON PR – I scheduled 3 half-marathon races this year (Mar, June, Nov) to give me three opportunities to reach this goal.  Hard work, determination and a different approach to training allowed me to achieve a PR at my first attempt when I ran San Diego Half Marathon in March.  Was I being an ‘overachiever’ to desire another PR when I ran my 2nd half marathon in June?  I definitely wanted to challenge myself which is one of the reasons why I race.  However, the attempt to break a sub 1:40 at RNR San Diego Half turned out to be a difficult one.to-achieve-goals-youve-never-achieved-before-you-need-to-start-doing-things-youve-never-done-before-quote-1
  • LOWER A1C % with PROPER FOOD SELECTION – I discussed my recent achievement in improving my blood glucose on my post a couple of weeks ago.  It’s at an acceptable level now however if I can lower the percentage another two points, I would feel more at ease.  This is a lifestyle change and I will continue to adopt better eating habits to stay healthy.

What’s on track:

  • STRENGTH TRAIN at least 1x/week – 6 months of strength training 1-3x/week have made a tremendous impact on my performance as a long distance runner, on my body with losing body fat and gaining more muscles, and in general, feeling stronger and powerful.  It’s another lifelong commitment, one of the keys to the fountain of youth.  And speaking of staying young, a friend shared on FB about the World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder, Ernestine Shepherd – she recently celebrated her 80th birthday yet she looks 30 yrs younger!  She started lifting weights at age 56 with her sister who unfortunately passed from a brain aneurysm.  Her sister’s untimely death further inspired Ernestine to become a bodybuilder.  She released a book about her journey and according to her latest FB post, the books sold out!  Such a motivating and inspiring story.

Which ones were derailed and need to place more focus on:

  • IMPROVE RUNNING FORM by conducting form drills 1-2x/week.  I did well with this goal for a few months during the training period for my first half.  When the mileage went up, I was always short on time after I finished a run that it was the one thing I decided to drop, instead I stretched.  My form requires plenty of work (my race pics reveal my weaknesses – glutes, postural muscles)and I really need to find the time to conduct the drills.  As Meb pointed out in his book, Meb for Mortals “Run 1 mile less and use the extra time to do drills.  One or two miles less per week for significant improvement in your running form and a lowered injury risk is a great trade-off.” I failed to listen to Meb’s advice so my form continues to suffer 🙁

From quoteslike.com

  • MINDFUL BREATHING (meditation) to reduce stress.  Besides relieving stress, meditation also reduces anxiety, promotes more focus and creativity.  It’s the one practice I haven’t explored yet.  Yoga is an excellent practice to place focus on breathing and awareness but I don’t do it often enough.  I’ve heard of the Headspace app from many of the podcasters I listen to as a tool to learn how to meditate and provide various options for guided meditation to focus on a specific issue whether it’s stress, anxiety, or creativity you want to address.  Meditation podcasts are also available.  As there are many different ways to approach it, I just need to find the one that will work as well as the time to do it.

With more than half of my goals accomplished, I feel confident in being able to attack the final two in the next 6 months.  By simply reviewing what I wrote in January allowed me to see what I need to focus on.  Sometimes we become too busy with what’s happening in our lives that we forget to look at the list of goals we set out to accomplish this year.  A mid-year review certainly helped!

Have you looked at your 2016 goals lately to see if you’re on track?  Anyone familiar or have used Headspace or any other type of meditation tools?

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