Healing hands and Wet Feet – Weekly Training Recap

It was a great week of training! Tuesday night intervals with Movin Shoes, an hour easy on the trails and a long weekend run with my best (running) friend as well as strength training on the days I didn’t run. The best part of my week was a visit to an excellent massage therapist.  He worked wonders on my hamstring that I would go as far to say he has ‘healing hands’.

Quick recap of  27Feb – 5Mar training:

Mon – One hour cross train with kettlebell strength exercises and balance training on the Bosu Ball.
Tues – Intervals with Movin Shoes – 6x3min/1min rest with a Warmup and Cooldown run

This was my first workout with Movin Shoes (local shoe company in San Diego who has a group training for RNR San Diego Marathon) and my first set of intervals in several months.  In the previous years, I’ve ran with the San Diego Track Club at their Tuesday night Track workouts. Movin Shoes hosts free interval training workouts, so as the coach of MDA Team Momentum I decided it would be a great opportunity for members to participate in another group run with a speed component to it.  The fun part of the workout is actually afterwards when runners meet up at a Mexican restaurant for Taco Tuesday!  I didn’t get a chance to go last week because of my kids but sometime in the future, I will check it out.

As far as the workout, I focused on perceived effort while checking on HR and pace.  The purpose of the workout was to improve Lactate Threshold.  Therefore, I had to make sure the run was at a comfortably hard pace.  On Matt Fitzgerald’s 10-point scale, it’s a 6 – the pace I can run for 50 – 60min.  I averaged a 7:40/mi pace, faster than the pace I ran on the treadmill when I did the talk test.  I determined my LTHR to be around 166bpm at 8:06/mi. My HR was between 165-170bpm when I ran 7:40 avg.

Wed – Quick backyard TRX workout before my massage appointment!

As I hinted, I had a massage incomparable to any other massages in the past.  James, owner of Unity of Three, was recommended by my best running friend.  I’m not sure why I didn’t seek his services much sooner, but now I’m glad I did.  He has a long list of credentials and at least a decade’s experience working with a variety of issues.  When my friend told me her glute pain was gone after one session, I contacted him immediately to set up an appointment.

He focused mainly on my right lower limb the entire hour.  Working on adhesions I had throughout from my hamstring to my hip and even in my IT band.  He was surprised to find out I religiously foam rolled my hamstring but not the IT band. Do you foam roll your IT band?  I had this notion that I shouldn’t foam roll the IT band from an article I read sometime ago.  The message was to indirectly foam roll, meaning address the attachments of the IT band first before directly applying pressure to the IT band.  The therapist advised when I find a point of tension, I should keep the roller there for a few minutes to work on the tissues underneath.  I tried it a couple of days and can definitely feel a lot of tension in areas of my IT band.

After the massage, James warned me that I may be sore the next day.  I felt a bit sore after the session but the day, I was in mint condition.  I could stretch my hamstring without any feeling of tightness.  Amazing!  James texted me on Friday to see how I was doing and I told him how I felt awesome and that I would return for a full-body (stress relief) and maintenance.

Thurs – Wet shoes and Wet Feet on the Trail (60 min easy run)

This trail run turned out to be an interesting adventure.  A few days after a full day’s worth of rain, I went on a trail run on my usual route a couple of miles from my neighborhood.  A section of the trail had a small bridge going across that drifted off due to high winds and strong water current.  So when I came across this section, I noticed people have already devised a path with several branches and rocks.  I successfully balanced on the branches and hopped across without getting my shoes wet.

On the way back, the fear of falling in the water entered my mind.  I was off-balanced. One foot fell in while at the same time I felt a little twist in my ankle.  I thought I had to hobble home but was able to walk it off.  It was warm so I just took my shoes and socks off and walked across the water.  At this point, I had two more miles to go with one wet shoe. Though, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I might encounter the same situation during a race and now I know how it feels to run with wet shoes on.

Fri – Off. I spent the morning cleaning my house – that’s a workout on its own 🙂
Sat – 9mi easy run around Mission Bay.
Sun – Off

Do you have a preferred massage therapist?  How often do you go for a massage?  What’s your take on foam rolling your IT band?

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