The Heat is On – my Week of Workouts

Today is the first day of summer!  With the sun setting much later in the day, we have more time to enjoy the light outdoors.  The longer days are one of the things I truly appreciate during this time of the year.  I also read on the news that tonight marks a rare event when a ‘strawberry moon’ (a name given to a full moon in June) will coincide with the summer solstice, the last time it occurred was in 1967 and the next time you will experience it will be in 2062 – makes me wonder if I will still be alive at that time!… So take the time to go outside tonight and look at the moon, it’s going to be an incredible sight 🙂

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How did my week look with regards to workouts?  Less running and more strength training.
Monday: At the gym for 45 min of strength and 10 min of indoor row. As I mentioned before, I focused on the 5 primary movements of push, pull, bend and lift, single leg and rotation. It’s very effective in targeting all areas of the body in a considerable amount of time.

Tuesday: I decided to join the San Diego Track Club for the interval workouts on grass at Balboa Park. The marathon/half marathon training program has ended and they no longer have their workouts on the track. My body didn’t seem ready for a 20min tempo workout with a goal pace of 20secs faster than my half marathon pace (approx 7:20/mi). My legs were actually sore from Monday’s workout, so all I could summon myself to do was a minute slower pace of 8:20/mi. I couldn’t run any faster even if I wanted to!…

Wednesday: Keeping my usual schedule with this day as an OFF day from formal training.

Thursday: It was my daughter’s last day of kindergarten – can’t believe the year passed so quickly. It’s been an amazing year for her and I’ve enjoyed watching her grow into a clever and creative girl. As I committed myself to volunteer at her school for 2.5 hours, I had a short period of time for a workout. Fortunately, I had my strength equipment all set up in the garage where I completed a 30min session of push and pulls on the TRX and pull-up bar. I finished with a 5 minute stairs workout with dumbbells.

Friday: Slightly sore from Thursday’s workout, I concentrated on hip mobility and core work. And a HIIT cycling session for 20min. It was a busy afternoon as I finished packing for a weekend Father’s Day trip to Palm Springs. It’s only a couple of hours drive from San Diego and this was the first time we visited. I also had a farewell picnic party to attend before our drive so we didn’t leave until later at night to arrive at the resort close to 9pm. Even at that time, the temps were in the 90s – yikes!

Saturday: I set my alarm at 7am and intended to run on the treadmill, however the sun woke me up around 6 (no blackout curtains in the room). And headed out for a run at 6:30. The temperature on my phone was at 80deg but to me, it felt cooler, so armed with a water bottle, I decided to run outside and take in the gorgeous views of the mountains. It was only a 30min run but it was enough for the day. I finished with a quick core session in the gym.
The rest of the morning and afternoon, we were in the pool. It was already in the 100s but hanging out in the pool made it more tolerable. I actually got a great workout walking around with my 2 year old who wanted to be carried the entire time.

Sunday: Father’s Day! I must have been tired from Saturday’s activities because I didn’t wake up until nearly 8am even with the sun shining bright. Even the girls slept in which was AWESOME 🙂 It was a complete rest day. After having brunch, we drove back home and although I napped in the car for an hour, I still felt exhausted when we got home that I actually fell asleep on the couch. Being out in the sun for several hours yesterday really drained my energy.  It was a short vacation but totally worth it and wished we could have stayed longer.

These girls are lucky to have an AMAZING Dad!

Happy Summer Solstice! Stay cool!

What are your summer vacation plans?  Does hanging out poolside all day make you tired?

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