If I Didn’t Run Today

It’s been a mentally draining week.  A battle of emotions – sadness, worry, frustration, helplessness, stress, acceptance and finally just letting go. Letting go of a situation out of my control.  We’ve all been through tough times and we seek ways to find relief, to calm our minds.  This is when running means much more than training for a race and personal records, when running becomes therapy.

If I Didn’t Run Today
– My heart would ache, a heavy weight attached to it pulling me down

If I Didn’t Run Today
– Anxiety looms and my pulse races losing focus on what ultimately matters

If I Didn’t Run Today
– My mind would be cluttered with thoughts of defeat and helplessness

If I Didn’t Run Today
– The pressure, tension and stress would overwhelm my body

If I Didn’t Run Today
– I would fail to notice the beauty that surrounds me

So I laced up my shoes and went for a run…
Providing my mind with clarity
To focus on taking care of myself so I can be present with the ones who need me the most, my children.

My heart felt lighter.
My soul at ease.
I see the sun breaking through the dark clouds.

I smile and keep running.


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