Who wants to go streaking? Let’s do a Holiday Fitness Streak.

Last year I did a 37-day strength streak challenge during the holidays which helped me maintain my fitness during the busiest time of the year.  I will be doing it again this year and would love for you to join me!  What do you need to get through 37 days of at least 15 minutes of exercise a day?  Here are five lessons I learned last time I did a fitness streak.

MOTIVATION. What is your driving force?  Last year, it was to develop the habit to include strength-training sessions into my fitness plan to build more muscle and lower my triglyceride levels.  The results from my blood test last year was a true awakening for me to overhaul my fitness and dietary habits.  This year, I need to work on my hip muscles for improved hip stability/mobility.  I finally started seeing a Physical Therapist to help me identify what I need to do to resolve my right hamstring issue (more about my hamstring on a later post).

PROPER PLANNING.  The week before or even the day before, write out a plan to answer the questions 1)What?  i.e. A TRX full body workout or Bodyweight workout targeting core and hips  2) When?  Morning before the family gets up or later in the afternoon for 15min during the kids’ screentime.  3) Where?  At the gym or at home.  Have a plan ready so you get the job done especially when you’re short on time.  Bonus:  I will post an exercise routine that can easily be done at home if you need ideas of what you can do for the day.

BALANCE.  To avoid the risk of injury or burn-out, maintaining a balance is important. Alternate easy and hard days, vary the type of exercises and use different types of equipment (Barbells, dumbbells, TRX, medicine balls, bodyweight, cable machines).

DEFINED SPACE.  For me, I needed a specific place to workout – either at the YMCA (where they provided childcare) or at home (fortunately I’ve collected enough fitness equipment to complete a workout).   Ideally, an area without any distractions.

SUPPORT.  My husband and my kids are my rock.  Without their support,  this entire challenge would not have even started.  Let’s be supportive of one another!

So here are the guidelines:  Day 1 of streak starts on Thanksgiving.  Final Day is on New Year’s Day.  Every day do at least a 15 minute workout (could be longer if you want) – doesn’t matter if it’s cardio or strength.  Remember to celebrate your success for the day!

If you’re interested, send me an email on myrunexperiment@gmail.com or a PM on myRUNexperiment Facebook page.  Happy Thanksgiving!