Monday Motivation: Inspiring Fitness Feats

Last month, I watched and read a collection of articles and videos through social media of people of all ages showing off their amazing fitness achievements.  Here are five I found inspiring!

  • The Master’s 100m dash competition at the Penn Relays where Champ Goldy the oldest man competing is 98 years old and Elizabeth Leander, 85 years old is the first woman to compete in the category.  I would love to be able to still compete when I’m 98.



  • 9 yr old Milla Bizzotto finished a 24 hr obstacle course race designed by the Navy Seals.  She’s one tough cookie!  And she is doing it to raise awareness about bullying as she was a victim herself.  I don’t think any kid would want to mess with her now.

Photo credit: YouTube/christian bizzotto


  • Yoshi – the 3 yr old American Ninja Warrior – I may have to steal this idea and build an obstacle course for my girls.  They love walking on the balance beams in gymnastics class.  He was recently featured in Steve Harvey’s new show Little Big Shots going through another obstacle course.  Too adorable!!!

Credit: Kimberly Koge YouTube gif

  • My mother who turns 67 this year, training for a 5K in July.  This past few months she’s been consistent with following a run/walk program and has built up her weekend run to 5mi!  I think she will do great at her race.  So proud of her.

In 2009 when my Mom finished her first 5K -Aflac Iron Girl Del Mar


Who or what motivates you to MOVE?  Happy Monday!