myRUNgear – Patagonia Houdini Jacket

Our spring break trip to Seattle developed into a tour of every outdoor gear store in the vicinity of where we stayed downtown. My husband is an outdoor gear fanatic so each day we checked out a couple of stores and ended up visiting seven stores – Columbia Sportswear, Mountain Hardwear, Kavu, Arcteryx, North Face, REI, and Patagonia. I was not looking for anything in particular however if there’s an ongoing sale, I would never pass up a great buy. When we walked in to the Patagonia store, my eyes were drawn immediately to the bright blue Houdini jacket on display. I just had to try it on. Although, I loved the way it fit, I didn’t like the price. My awesome husband urged me to buy it but I refused. I’m a frugal shopper and I have a hard time splurging on items at full price.  Our 5 yr old daughter fixated on a pink hat which looked great on her and we agreed to get it as a souvenir.

At the Patagonia store with her brand new hat

When my husband paid for the hat, he asked if the store offers a military discount and the answer was ‘no’, however he must have talked to the right person (manager?) as she was in a generous mood offering us a 40% discount!  Really?! I immediately jumped on that offer and quickly went to the back of the store to grab the Houdini jacket.  It has become one of my favorite running gear these past couple of months particularly with SoCal seeing more rain and wind.

Taking my Houdini out for a trail run

  • I love the color of this jacket.  It is named Howling Turquoise and it howled at me when I saw it in the store.  3 other colors are available: Navy Blue, Shocking Pink and Violet Blue.

Photo taken at REI Seattle store where they also featured the jacket. Forgot to take one while were in Patagonia.

  • Perfect to run in wind and light rain conditions.  The jacket has a durable water repellent finish that helps you stay dry.  It’s not completely waterproof so if you’re in a downpour, expect to get wet.  I wore the Houdini at my last 10K race in April when the weather was cold, windy, and wet.  At one point, I started to feel warm but then I was hit by the wind and rain several minutes later that I was glad I decided to wear it.
  • Breathability is a significant factor to consider for water-resistant jackets.  Basically, a breathable jacket allows for water vapor (sweat) to escape so your skin can breathe and cool off.  I’ve noticed most of my sweat soaks up the forearm area of the jacket, where it clings to my skin however the jacket dries out quickly.
  • When you want to run fast, you don’t want anything to weigh you down.  The Houdini is lightweight weighing in less than 4 ounces.  It is also compact and easy to pack or attach to your bag.  To me this is the coolest feature of the jacket which reveals why it’s called the Houdini.  The upper side zipper pocket functions as its pouch as the jacket ‘magically disappears’ inside it.   I’ve made the mistake of wearing the jacket during mild conditions and I got too warm, but instead of running with it tied around my waist which annoys me, I was able to store it in the pouch and held the pouch in my hand instead.
  • Currently at a discount!  Because I love discounts, I wanted to share that REI is currently having their anniversary sale with a 29% discount on the Patagonia Houdini Jacket in-store and online (free shipping).  It does require you to be a member for a one-time fee of $20 which is very worthwhile as the benefits go beyond than just the sale.  Our family has been a member for many years and we always take advantage of their big sale events.


What’s your favorite running gear in rain/wind/cold condition?

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