myRUNweek 1 RNR San Diego Half

My 10-week training plan for the RNR San Diego Half has officially started.  A few posts ago, I briefly discussed my 3-days/week plan with a big question mark if this will work in propelling me to a sub-1:40 finish.  Here’s myRUNweek 1 rundown (28Mar – 3Apr):

Monday:  HIIT 8x10s with 20s recovery (WU 5min/CD 10min) + TRX and Barbell full-body strength

I need to take better notes with regards to RPMs or Power and gear setting to track progression.  However, during the 10sec burst, it made me wonder if my effort was enough to elicit the performance gains as outlined in the article I read in RW, 15 min on a Stationary Bike could make you a Faster Runner.   It was an all-out effort that I felt I couldn’t pedal any faster and my legs were slightly fatigued by the end of the workout.

Tuesday:  5x800s with 400 recovery (WU .5mi/CD .75mi) – total: 4.78mi

Tuesday nights are workouts with the San Diego Track Club.  During the latter half of the marathon/half marathon training program, all track workouts is a progression of 800m intervals (starts with 5 and builds up to 8) based on Yasso’s 800s.  If you’re not familiar with it, basically it’s a prediction that if you can run an 800m (x10) in 4min, then your marathon time will be 4hrs.  Sounds simple right?  Of course with any prediction model, there’s variability involved as well as discussions and arguments regarding its accuracy.  And I’m not sure how it translates for half-marathoners.

I used Jack Daniel’s VDOT Running and McMillan’s Running calculators to determine my pace for the workout based on my last half marathon:

Jack Daniel’s – 3:25;  McMillan’s was a range of 3:13 – 3:23

I decided to go with a pace between 3:23 to 3:25 (6:46 – 6:50/mi).  To be honest, it was a really tough workout.  The planned pace felt a lot faster than I can handle but I tried to stick to it as close as possible.  Also, our group is assigned to run in lanes 4, 5, 6 and I stayed in lane 4 which measured .52mi vice .5, therefore the times were a tad slower.

1 – 3:30, 2 – 3:29, 3 – 3:29, 4 – 3:28, 5 – 3:30

Wednesday:  Day OFF!

My 5 yr old is still on spring break so I took her and little sister to the New Children’s Museum for a playdate.  Everyone else

on spring break was there so it was very crowded, but the girls had an awesome time.

Amazing balloon structure made out of tissue

Thursday:  Fast finish med-long run – total: 7.31mi (9:20/mi)

Tired and sluggish in the morning.  I usually don’t listen to music when I run (a podcast listener!) but I needed the distraction so I tuned in to Gwen Stefani’s, well actually No Doubt’s Rock Steady album available in my Amazon prime music player app.  My plan called for 7 mi but I told myself if I felt like blah after 2 miles, I would turn around and cut it short.  Well it never happened – thanks Gwen!  In fact, I finished the last two miles at a good pace.  Mile 1 was a 10:05 and final 2 miles averaged 8:25/mi.  The effect of music on the mind and the mind over body is quite amazing!  (And on a related note, I’m currently reading Matt Fitzgerald’s How Bad do you want it?   which is all about ‘mind over muscle’ for Wendy’s Taking the Long Way Home Book Club.  Fascinating read, so far)

Friday:  30min Strength training  (core, hip mobility/strength, pullups/pushups)

Saturday:  Long run – total: 10.85mi (9:13/mi)

Ran with 2 of my girlfriends instead of the usual long run with SDTC.  It was up north in Solana Beach and I didn’t feel like driving 45min to run 10-11 miles.  We ran the first couple of miles of the RNR San Diego Half course.  My plan for the next 9 weeks is run parts of the course so I know exactly what to expect.  The latter half of the course is a gradual downhill so I definitely need to incorporate some downhill training.



Sunday:  another day OFF

I had the intention to go to the gym for a quick workout but promised my girls I would take them to the zoo (since their Dad had to work).  The zoo was a ZOO!  So many people on a Sunday but again it’s still spring break, however we got to see all the animals the girls wanted to see.  Plus pushing a double stroller for 3 hours was a workout in itself.

Afterwards, we needed a few items from Costco and luckily I was able to convince my girls to go without complaints.  Costco was also a ZOO!  By the time we got home, it was already late in the afternoon and time to prep for dinner.  Dinner, playtime, then got the girls ready for bed.  Phew – to all the single moms, I applaud you.  An all-day affair with the girls is an endurance event.  It’s a good thing I didn’t hit the gym in the morning.  I was exhausted by the end of the day.



TOTAL:  Run – 23mi/ Cycle – 7.8 mi/Strength – 40min

Hope everyone had a fabulous week.  Have you used the Yasso’s 800m workout a marathon predictor?

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