myRUNweek 2 RNR San Diego Half

The week of solo parenting and rain meant a week of treadmill workouts.  Fortunately, it only equated to 2 days of relatively hard runs on the treadmill (due to my 3-day/week plan).  It was an exhausting week but happy to achieve my pace goals.

Monday 4/4- HIIT Cycling 8x10s/20s R (8mi); 15min strength

With warmup and cooldown, cycling session took 20 min (Gear 10, RPMs ~ 135 t0 138, Power ~148W).  I remembered to record the specifics this time, however forgot to wear my heart rate monitor. After cycling, I completed a 15min strength workout focusing on hip mobility/strength,  3 sets of push-ups/pull-ups and a quick core routine with a med ball.

Tuesday 4/5 – 6x800s/400R with warmup and cooldown run (5.5 mi)

Because my husband had to work late this week, I knew I had to move my weeknight track workout to the morning on the treadmill.  I had to mentally prepare for it as I knew it would be a challenge and again music was key (this time I listened to the fast and loud beats of Pitbull) to hitting my planned pace (6:50/mi ~ 3:25 per 800m)

I looked up the equivalent speed to run a 6:50/mi pace until I noticed the treadmill monitor actually indicated the pace which was 8.8 at 6:49/mi @ 1.0 incline.  I never imagined to run at this speed on a treadmill – of course, as expected it was hard but I wasn’t struggling and I maintained an even pace from the first lap until the last.  Usually I tend to finish at a faster pace but our coach likes to stress the point of running the same pace, the last 800m is the same as the first 800m so even though I was tempted to increase the speed, I held back.  As with every good workout, I felt tired yet elated at the same time.

Wednesday 4/6 – Off

Being a stay-at-home has many perks and one is exploring the many exciting venues around San Diego on  a weekday when it’s presumably less crowded.  The Liberty Public Market recently opened at the Liberty Station in Point Loma –  a food hall featuring a variety of flavorful concoctions from fresh raw seafood (ceviche, sashimi, oysters) to natural homemade sausages as well as New Orleans style dishes such as gumbo and because we’re in Southern California, there was a spot for gourmet tacos.  I had to choose a dish I can share with my 2-yr old and you know how picky young kids can get.  My eyes were locked on Parana Empanadas serving authentic Argentinian empanadas made of natural ingredients and are baked.  I’ve never tasted Argentinian empanadas before (are they the same as regular empanadas?) so I gave it a shot.  With 10 flavors to choose on the menu, I selected a margherita (for my 2 yr old), a spinach and cheese and a mushroom and cheese plus a side of kale salad.  My 2 yr old picked the spinach and cheese by accident but totally loved it.  She gobbled up the entire thing.  I loved it as well and will definitely return for more!  Bringing the entire family next time.

In line for empanadas

Thursday 4/7 – 2 x 10min/5min recovery steady-state run with warmup and cooldown (7.5 mi) + 15 min hip mobility and core

Drip, drop, drip, drop.  I was prepared to run outside in the light rain but it was raining harder than I expected. A steady-state run at a planned pace of 7:49/mi would be tough while contending with rain and wind so another treadmill session was in store for me. Although running on the treadmill is boring, I like the aspect of being able to stay at a constant pace.  I need a lot of practice when it comes to pacing – I haven’t mastered it yet as either I’m too fast or not fast enough!

View of the rain

Friday 4/8 – Quick 25 min strength with TRX and cable rotations

Saturday 4/9 – Long run 12 mi @8:26/mi avg

Joined San Diego Track Club for their morning long run.  The group I ran with are training for a marathon in 7 weeks and were running 20 miles – I was glad to run only 12 that day. Mentally, I’m not ready to tackle that much mileage and I’m content with handling only minimal mileage at the present.  The pace felt comfortable the entire time as it usually is when I run with other people.  We ran the usual Mission Bay route and if I had continued to run with the group, I would have had a Meb sighting!  Oh well, maybe next time…but we did run by a dragon boat race.

What a cool looking dragon boat!

 Sunday 4/10 – Quick 10min strength with kettlebell

Such a lazy Sunday.  It was still raining so we stayed home and I sat on the couch to catch up on some TV shows as my 2 yr old napped next to me.  I finally got off the couch to do some yard work then later on at night, I felt compelled to break out my kettlebell to do a few exercises as I felt horrible for being a lazy bum all afternoon.  Only 10 minutes but worthwhile quality minutes!

Total: Run 25mi/Cycle 8mi/Strength 65min

Do you love/hate running on the treadmill?  

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