myRUNweek 3 RNR San Diego Half

Glorious week of running outdoors in great weather with temps (when I ran) hovering in the mid-60s.

Monday 4/11 – HIIT Cycling 13x10s/20s on/off  (11.8mi/30min) + 15min Strength 

I use the  Interval Timer app for my HIIT workouts as well as my strength workouts (instead of reps, I use duration).  I forgot to set the #of repetitions to 8 (it was at 15) and once I started the timer,  I positioned it so I could only see the time, not the #of reps.  After several repeats, it felt as though I was taking a longer time than usual so I finally checked to see I completed 13 reps already!  I extended the session to 30min to include a cooldown period.  The 15 min strength consisted of a circuit of push-ups, pull-ups and core exercises with a medicine ball.

Tuesday 4/12 – 6x800s with 400recovery (5.5 mi)

Back to Tuesday night track intervals with the San Diego Track Club.  Our group was designated to run in only two lanes, lane 5 and 6 due to other separate workouts occurring in the other lanes. The San Diego Track Club had a large representation at the Boston Marathon with approximately 34 runners so they were assigned to two other lanes for their final speed workout (marathon pace 1600 + 2x400s).  I ran in lane 5 where Garmin recorded a distance of .53mi.

Goal pace is 6:46 – 6:50/mi – two weeks ago during the first week of training, this pace felt very hard for me to handle but this time although it was a tough workout, my body was relaxed and felt more in control.  Here are my splits and the equivalent pace (except for the first and last lap, I did well with even pacing!):

1 – 3:38 (6:57/mi), 2 – 3:34 (6:44/mi), 3 – 3:35 (6:46/mi), 4 – 3:34 (6:44/mi), 5 – 3:35 (6:46/mi), 6 – 3:32 (6:42/mi)

Wednesday 4/13 – OFF

My date-day with my 2 yr old.  I took her to the playground in Coronado and had a picnic lunch.  She was so excited about the idea of having a picnic on the grass, it was the first thing she wanted to do as soon as we arrived at the playground and it wasn’t even lunch time yet.  I convinced her to wait for another half hour.


Finally, it’s time for our picnic!

Thursday 4/14 – 8.1 mi (9:36/mi)

The focus of this run was to practice running on part of the course with the downhill portion (I covered miles 8.5 to 10.5). Compared to the San Diego Half marathon I recently ran, the RNR course is more of a gradual downhill in the last 5K of the race – if I pace myself correctly, it hopefully will be a fast 5K.

I did an out and back course from Balboa Park and decided to veer off the course on my way back to explore the Florida Canyon trail.  I’ve wanted to run it every time I drove by so I finally took the chance to do it.  Fortunately, it was a short trail since many parts of the trail was rocky and I had to stop to walk afraid I’d twist my ankle.


Florida Canyon Trail (less rocky area)

Friday 4/15 – 15 min strength (2000m row + core cable rotations)

Saturday 4/16 – Long run 12mi (9:15/mi)

The location of the run with the San Diego Track Club  was an hour north of where I live which was not worth the drive as I would rather spend those two hours on the road running and be finished early.  I was lucky to have two of my girlfriends join me for a 6:30am run along the beach (only 25min drive).  If I haven’t mentioned already, I look forward to Saturdays when I get the chance to catch up with friends.  The run always feel effortless and so enjoyable!


Sunday 4/17 – OFF

Blue skies, sunshine and warmth brought us to the beach (the bayside since our 5 yr old prefer calm waters to play in rather than the unpredictable waves of the ocean).  My husband already had the kayak on the car since he went fishing in the morning with an unexpected catch from helping out a fellow kayak fisherman.

Our 2 yr old at first was not keen on taking a ride on the kayak but as soon as she saw her Dad take it down to the water, she was ready for an adventure.  We spotted a lot of jellyfish, something I didn’t expect to see.  And as we paddled towards another beach, the girls wanted to stop to pretend they were exploring an island.  Eyva, our 5 yr old had so much fun she surprised us with a thank-you note after we got home.  My heart was filled with joy.


“Thank you for taking me to the beach.”

Wishing everyone a fabulous week.  What’s your favorite activity when warm weather strikes?

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