myRUNweek 4 RNR San Diego Half Training

My training calendar had week 4 scheduled as a recovery week but mid-week I decided to add instead of reducing volume to match the San Diego Track Club’s training schedule. Volume progression since week 1 was 23 – 25 – 25 – 29mi. Because of the low mileage, I reasoned moving the recovery week to the following week would not have a negative impact on my training. Let me preface though that it was a challenging week due to the heat.

Monday 4/18 – HIIT Cycling 8x10s/20s on/off (8mi/20min) + 20min strength

My legs are becoming conditioned to the weekly cycling that I’ve increased the gear to 12 and produced more power ~160-165W compared to two weeks ago. Strength training this week consisted of push-ups, pull-ups, TRX pulls, barbell deadlifts and core work.

Tuesday 4/19 – 7x800s with 400R (5.8mi)

Oh the heat! We finished a little past 7pm and the temps were still in the 80s.  What a tough workout.  I stayed in lane 5 for consistency and comparison with the previous week’s workout.

Here’s the breakdown:  1 – 3:36 (6:49/mi), 2 – 3:32 (6:41/mi), 3 – 3:36 (6:49/mi), 4 – 3:33 (6:45/mi), 5 – 3:34 (6:41/mi), 6 – 3:34 (6:44/mi), 7 – 3:33 (6:40/mi) (some inconsistencies with the Garmin’s equivalent pace/mi – I took the average pace recorded).  Hard to believe but despite the heat, my average time this week slightly improved from last week.  Again my goal pace is 6:46 – 6:50/mi.  Reminder to myself to stay within the planned paces.

 Wednesday 4/20 – Off

Thursday 4/21 – Threshold intervals 3x1mi with 5min recovery (total 9.7mi with WU and CD)

Yet another warm day and it didn’t help that I started mid-morning (the only time I can fit in a mid-week run).  Planned run was 9-miles with a 3x1mi threshold interval run.  The heat and 12mph winds prevented my goal of 7:30-7:35/mi pace – first mile was 7:49/mi, then an 8:06/mi and last was 8:22/mi.  I could feel the fatigue in my legs most likely caused by the hard Tuesday workout.  I also overshot the distance resulting in almost another additional mile.  I ran in beautiful Coronado, the loop I usually run is 7mi so I figured another mile out and back at the Strand before I head back to the starting point.  No harm done – what’s 3/4 of a mile more after running 9mi?!


Downtown skyline view from Coronado

Friday 4/22 – Strength train 30min (push/pull/core on the TRX + KB deadlift and swings + hip mobility/strength)

Saturday 4/23 – Long run 13 mi (8:53/mi)

Group run with the San Diego Track Club – on the schedule for marathoners was 20 mi and half-marathoners 12 mi (I did 12 last week so my planned run was 13).  The course featured spectacular ocean views from Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma – however this was before the big hill towards the university nearly a mile long.  Overall it was a gradual incline from mile 4 to approximately mile 6.  Temps were in the low 60s when we started so I decided to leave my water bottle as water stations (provided by volunteers of SDTC) were set-up along the route.  But that was a mistake particularly after the uphill trek.  Fortunately, my BRF carried a water bottle and offered me a drink!  That’s what best friends are for!  The way back was downhill, which was good practice for the downhill portion of the RNR half marathon.

Sunset Cliffs


Sunday 4/24 – Family hike

A perfect day for an afternoon hike.  20 minutes from our house is a half-mile long trail to the Loveland Reservoir.  We’ve hiked this trail before and it’s an easy hike for my 5 year old, plus it’s isolated with no one else on the trail.  My 2 year old comfortably sat in a hiking backpack – she actually fell asleep on our way there so we transferred her to the backpack where she continued to nap only to be awakened by the constant chatter of her sister and a view of the wildflowers along the trail.   My husband brought along the fishing pole to see if any fish would bite, but no luck. Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous day and the kids had a great time.


120 steps to the bottom!


Come here fishy-fish!


Little Iz insisted to walk










Total:  Run 28.5/Cycle 8/Strength 50min

When do you take a recovery week?  Ever had to run longer than you had planned?

Thanks to Holly and Tricia for hosting the Weekly Wrap link-up!