myRUNweek (5) SD Half Training

First week of February was a recovery week with mileage reduced to about 20%.  However, the intensity remained the same if not more as I ran my usual Tuesday track interval workout plus the Cardiff Kook 10K race on Sunday.  The StrongBody streak also started this past week but I kept all my strength workouts within the 15 to 20 minute time frame to prevent overtraining.  I shared 5 of these routines in my Friday Five post.

Here’s the breakdown of myRUNweek 2/1 to 2/7:

Monday – 5 mi (9:50/mi) treadmill easy run + core/hip strength 

Tuesday – 6x800s with calisthenics in between + 8x100m strides

I misread the workout thinking we had a 400 m recovery in between.  Instead we had to do either push-ups, squats, crunches or any form of activity to keep our HR up which made it a tougher workout.  Our coach reminded us to stay consistent and my times were mostly on par with my 3:30 goal (3:29, 3:33, 3:29, 3:30, 3:30, 3:31). With the warmup, cool down and strides, the total was close to 5 miles.

Wednesday – rest + 15 min core

After Tuesday night’s strenuous workout and lack of sleep (2 year old still not sleeping through the night and I failed to get to bed early), I felt exhausted.  Armed with coffee, I mustered up enough energy to walk through the zoo for at least 2 hours with my daughter and her newfound zoo buddy, a friend’s 4 year old kid while my other daughter was in school. We had a really great view of one of the jaguars pacing back and forth as if they were looking for prey.

Thursday – Trail run, 6 miles easy (10:23/mi)  + Myrtls and TRX

What a rough morning!  Ever had one of those days when no matter how hard you try, you can’t make anyone happy? Such was the case with my girls bickering over something I can’t even remember, probably a toy.  I did not witness what brought about the argument but any decision I made was going to bring tears to one or the other.  Nevertheless, a good pair of ear buds would have helped.  Luckily, they both had school so I reveled in my solo run along a trail near my neighborhood.  This was the first time I ran farther on this trail where I discovered a cool bridge over a creek leading to a host of other trails for me to explore in the future. Unexpectedly, I was surrounded by a lush landscape, vibrant and green caused by the decent amount of rainfall we had several days ago.  Due to the drought in San Diego, seeing shades of brown has been the norm so it was a treat to my senses to view this much greenery.

Friday – rest + 15 min full body circuit

Busy day with errands, volunteered at my daughter’s school (assisted at their book fair) and an afternoon baby shower for a friend.  I created a quick 15 min full body circuit to do right after dropping off both kids in school. Since I haven’t completely recovered from sleep deprivation, I dozed off by 8:30pm and slept until 7am.  It’s exactly what my body needed!

Saturday – another rest day + 15 min core

A typical day for a long run, but since I have a race on Sunday I reserved all my energy towards a fast-paced 10K.  I tried out the Nike Training app (as recommended by Allison) for a 15 minute core routine.  I’ve never used an app for a workout before and this was a convenient way to find a routine complete with instructions on how to do each exercise. I will definitely use it again as one of the sources for my workouts.

Superbowl Sunday – Cardiff Kook 10K race 

I will post my race recap in a couple of days.  Although it wasn’t a PR, I beat my time from last year and exceeded my goal!

Total: Miles -22/Strength – 1:40

Did you run a race on Superbowl Sunday?  How often do you take a recovery week and how much mileage do you cut?