myRUNweek 6 RNR San Diego Half training and a Weekend Reunion

April moved at warped speed! I can’t believe it’s May already – this week was a busy one that ended with a fabulous brief weekend girl’s getaway in Atlanta and mother’s day celebration with my family.

Total: 24.7mi/8mi indoor cycling/20min strength

Monday 5/2 – HIIT cycling (8x10s/15sR – total 8mi) + 20min strength

Decreased recovery time to 15s and increased gear to 13 with power 165-170W. Strength training consisted of KB dealifts/squats/press/pushups/med ball core/hip mobility.

Tuesday 5/3 – Track workout (7x800s/400R – total 6mi)

I woke up with sore glutes and adductors from the strength workout the day before. I also had a bit of a sore throat so I was slightly worried about becoming sick. My immediate solution was to boil hot water to make a natural sore throat remedy concoction of ginger, honey and lemon. By the afternoon, my throat felt better but the soreness in my muscles remained. I’ve been delving in the use of essential oils for aromatherapy and learning more about its other functions particularly related to recovery and sports performance (a future post topic). A friend who loves essential oils gave me a sample roller bottle of peppermint oil – a popular home remedy for muscle soreness, that I used to roll on the sore areas of my body providing relief within the hour.

I was worried about hitting the right pace because of the way I felt. But I thought about a quote by Desiree Linden posted on Runner’s World FB page.  So I kept telling myself, ‘Don’t force the pace, let it come to you.’


Our awesome group lead also shared his words of wisdom before we started every 800m interval. My favorite: “Find comfort in discomfort.”

Here’s the breakdown of my intervals (.52mi vice .5 in lane 4/5)
1 – 3:38 (7:00/mi) 2 -3:29 (6:44/mi), 3 -3:30 (6:46/mi), 4-3:29 (6:44/mi), 5-3:31 (6:47/mi), 6-3:31 (6:47/mi), 7-3:32 (6:49/mi)

I was pleased with my almost even splits (except for the first interval). The group started out slow but we all picked it up a little and stayed consistent. My legs hated me after this workout! More peppermint oil and foam rolling were in order.

Wednesday 5/4 – OFF

Living in the same city with the greatest American marathoner Men Keflezighi means opportunities in ‘running’ into him which happened on my way to the dentist. Got out of my car to walk across the grassy area in Balboa Park and I spotted Meb running towards me in a bright green shirt, sunglasses and wireless headphones. I casually greeted him. He looked at me as if he was trying to put a name on my face and said a quick hello. I was totally starstruck

Thursday 5/5 – Long Run 12mi

Due to my weekend trip, I switched the long run to Thursday.  Because of the distance and the lingering soreness in my legs, I wanted to run a flat course on the harbor.  Minutes into my drive, I realized I left my phone at home and  I feel uncomfortable running without it so I had to drive back.  I wasted enough time with the drive that I settled for a run in the neighborhood.  It worked out fine and because of another cloudy day with rain forecasted later that night,  I ran a comfortable 12mi without the sun beating down on me as I finished around lunchtime.

Friday 5/6 – Travel to Atlanta

Saturday 5/7 – Stone Mt Run – 6.7mi

Up until 1am chatting with friends made Saturday a slow morning to wake up to.  However instead of sleeping in, we all agreed to rise around 7am so we could head to Stone Mt for a little bit of exercise to start our day.  We followed a 5-mi loop of rolling hills around the park with a couple of detours to a nature trail and a 100yr old mill and a covered bridge.  I appreciated being surrounded by a lush green landscape of towering trees.  It’s the scenery rarely seen in a city plagued with drought issues. 

Nature Trail Stone Mt


Old Mill

I cut my run short to approx 7mi instead of the planned 8 since I didn’t want to keep my friends waiting and be the ‘selfish runner’.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a scrumptious brunch of croissants, scrambled egg wrap and mimosas at my friend’s place.

Our afternoon was spent walking around the Georgia aquarium for several hours then a reunion dinner with more college friends (sorority sisters), two whom I haven’t seen since I graduated, at least 17years!  We stayed up, drank wine, reminisced and got caught up with what’s happening in our lives.  Another late night up until 1am, every minute worthwhile.  


What a fun Saturday night with these ladies!

Sunday 5/8 Mother’s Day – travel home

Straight from the airport to the Liberty Station Public Market to meet my family for lunch. We found an area on a big grassy field to eat our lunch and spent a couple of hours there while the girls had a great time running around, playing tag with other random kids who were there.  When we finally went home, I was greeted with flowers, cards, and  gifts made by the girls.  Tired as I was, I fell asleep early in bed feeling content and blessed.

It was one busy week!  What’s the shortest time have you traveled to visit friends?

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