myRUNweek (6) San Diego Half Training

After coming from the highs of an awesome first race (read recap here), the following couple of days thereafter I felt sluggish and tired.   I continued with my training, listened to my body more closely and allowed it to dictate the pace to run.

Here’s the breakdown of myRUNweek 2/8 – 2/14:

Monday – 5mi recovery run (9:48/mi) + Myrtls and TRX for strength

Slightly tired from the race on Sunday, I was less than enthused to do a treadmill run but managed to finish 5 miles. To continue with the strength streak, I followed it with hip strength (Myrtls) and TRX push/pulls/core.

Tuesday –  Form Drills, 4 x 5min threshold 30sec recovery (4.2mi total with warmup and cool down), 15min plank/leg circuit

The scheduled workout for the “A” fast group who I’ve joined these past couple of weeks was a 3K time trial and I was in no condition to push myself after a hard effort race two days ago.  These were my paces for each of the 5-min repeat: 1) 8:16/mi, 2) 7:45/mi, 3) 7:53/mi, 4) 7:45/mi

Wednesday 30min strength

I used the Nike Training Club app to search for a 30min session and found a routine called the ‘Squat Party’.  As the name implies it’s heavy on the legs but also included a few core exercises.

Thursday 8mi easy run + 15min core

With only 4 weeks left in the training, I had to see the tough part of the course where the hill starts at mile 8 about 1.5mi long.  It was a busy road with only a bike lane so I was weary with fast traffic zooming along next to me, so I don’t plan to run it again until race day.  At least I know what to expect and will include long hill repeats into my training in the next 2 weeks. Fortunately, I live in a neighborhood with plenty of hills.


San Diego Half Marathon Elevation Profile

Friday 2000m indoor row + medicine ball/stability ball workout, Myrtls

Saturday 13mi (8:42/mi) long run + 15min core

The weekend forecast was in the high 70s but a dense fog blessed us with cooler temps in the early morn.  It looked very eerie with visibility only several meters away in some areas.   I ran with my BRF at a fairly comfortable pace, noting an improvement with my HR avg (slower while running a faster pace).

Sunday 3mi hike Cowles Mountain (approx 1600ft)

We were out with our friends on Saturday when we decided to go for a hike up Cowles Mountain the next day.  At 10am, we could already feel the heat of the sun but a light breeze helped to cool us off as we trudged our way to the top of the mountain.  I carried my 2 yr old on my back in an ergo (all 25lbs of her) while my 5 yr old walked along with her two friends.  I was amazed at their energy and focus to hike all the way up.  My daughter was determined to reach the summit as she observed the views becoming more spectacular at a higher elevation. 

 After we arrived at the top, we lingered for some time to take in the views and catch our breath.  I was desperate to take my daughter out of the pack so I can cool off as I’m sure she needed to cool off as well.
Despite the heat, the trails were crowded with dog walkers, couples, families, a dude with a snake wrapped around his neck (REALLY?!), sorority sisters wearing shirts exclaiming “Fries before Guys” – I wasn’t familiar with the term until our friend looked it up Fries meaning Female friends and very few runners.  I can’t imagine running on this trail.  The rocky terrain plus the climb is enough to deter me.  I was very cautious on the way down since my 2 yr old wanted to be carried in the front so I felt a bit unbalanced and didn’t want to risk falling with her, so it took us even longer to walk down.  With the excitement over, my 5 yr old noticed her exhaustion so my husband carried her most of the way down.  Still I was proud of her to keep up with everyone and walk the distance.  Two hours later, our excursion was over, bodies tired in need of nourishment.  I asked Eyva, What was the best part of the hike – she answered ‘The views’ and the worst? ‘Getting boo-boos on her feet!’


Total: Run 30/Strength 2:00/Hike 3