myRUNweek 7 RNR San Diego Half Training

It was a rather tough week as I returned from a weekend trip to Atlanta exhausted from too much vino and lack of sleep with a challenging track workout on Tuesday and longer runs on Thursday/Saturday. The RNR San Diego Marathon is three weeks away so this was a significant week for the San Diego Track Club Rockin n Runnin training program.  I survived and escaped what I thought was an impending injury that could have set me back this week and the following week.

Run:  30mi  Cycle:  8mi  Strength:  30min

Monday: OFF

I volunteered to chaperone a kindergarten field trip to a variety of businesses (grocery store, pet store, frozen yogurt shop, public library) in our neighborhood to introduce the children to ‘community workers’ and learn more of what they do at their jobs.  It was my first time to ride a school bus filled with chatty kids and my ears were ringing by the end of that ride.  Glad it only took less than 10 minutes.  I was on my feet for 3 hours so by the time it was over, my eyes were glossed and I was ready to go home for a nap!  Fortunately, my in-laws were still in town so I took advantage of it and dozed off for at least an hour.

Tuesday:  8x800s with 400R (Total: 6.3mi)

I arrived 10min late as the group was in the middle of the dynamic warm-up so I barely had time to warm-up.  Not quite fully recovered yet, I approached this workout the same way I did last week, letting the pace to come to me instead of forcing it.  Because of the number of reps, I had to make sure I wasn’t pushing too hard.

Split breakdown (lanes 4/5 with distance .52/.53):

1 – 3:38 (7:06/mi), 2 – 3:32 (6:43/mi), 3 – 3:34 (6:46/mi), 4 – 3:30 (6:45/mi)

5 – 3:33 (6:45/mi), 6 – 3:33 (6:47/mi), 7 – 3:33 (6:45/mi), 8 – 3:33 (6:48/mi)

I was excited to see fairly consistent splits but at the end of this workout, I felt a slight discomfort in my right heel/ankle as I walked towards my car.  The rest of the night, I rolled my foot and calf praying for it to get better.

Wednesday – HIIT Cycle (8mi) + Strength Train (20min)

Grrrrrr, walking barefoot as I prepared breakfast for my girls, I had to shift my weight to lessen the feeling of discomfort in my ankle.  This was a familiar injury I experienced a couple of years ago training for the New York City Marathon.  I remember finishing a long run with fast-paced splits, then having pain in my right ankle that caused me to take at least two weeks off.  This time though it wasn’t as painful and noticed wearing my running shoes made it feel slightly better. Regardless, I did the HIIT cycling workout since it didn’t affect my ankle.  I also did my peppermint essential oil regimen, massaging the oil on my foot, ankle and calf – I swear this stuff works wonders!

Thursday – Mid-long run (10mi easy @ 9:32/mi)

Less pain and a successful 10-mile run with a friend.  It was perfect timing to have a friend to run with as I sort of dreaded having to run the distance on my own.  I didn’t feel 100% so being distracted by conversation helped.  We started at Balboa Park and were greeted by beautiful purple blooms of the Jacaranda trees all lined up along Laurel St.

Friday – OFF 

I would count this one as a day off although I did squeeze in a few chin-ups, push-ups and TRX pulls/pushes.  I’ve definitely slacked off on my strength training with Fridays being booked with appointments and errands.  Once I am finished with the half marathon training cycle, I will focus more on strength training.

Selfies of us are rare!


And to finish off the week, I had a date night with my husband to see Gwen Stefani!  It was a summer concert held by a local radio station featuring a variety of pop artists.  I can’t remember the last time I saw one and for some reason thought it would be done by 9pm since it started at 6.  Gwen Stefani didn’t come on stage until almost 10pm so it turned out to be a much later night.  I was surrounded by plenty of scantily dressed teenagers which made me afraid of what I would have to deal with 7 yrs from now when my oldest one reaches that age.  Nevertheless, I had a great time jamming to Gwen Stefani’s old hits as well as to a few of her new songs.

Saturday – Long run 14mi @8:30/mi

Less than 6 hours of sleep, I woke up 10 min before my alarm went off.  I jolted out of bed thinking I forgot to set my alarm and was late for the run.  Don’t you just hate when that happens?  I thought I would be tired, but miraculously I was not.  Too many thoughts churning in my head as I have to deal with some personal issues.

It was the longest run scheduled for the marathoners – 22mi and the half marathoners – 14mi.  I ran with my bestfriend and her friend, both are moms and are very strong runners.  We finished in under two hours, most of the time spent in conversation.  Actually I talked most of the time with a lot of things to get off my chest. Afterwards, I felt somewhat relieved and ready to tackle the day.

Sunday – Zoo trip – 3.5mi walk

My 5 year old suggested a trip to the zoo, a request difficult to deny.  I always have fun so why not?  The only disadvantage was it’s the weekend and it could be crowded.  My husband recently got the new Iphone SE that tracks the mileage completed each day and I was interested in knowing what we did the time we were at the zoo (approx 3.5mi!).

I remembered to take our fancy camera with the zoom lens so I took many close-up pictures of the animals we encountered.  No matter how many times I’ve been to the zoo, I am always fascinated to watch the animals interact.

IMG_8055 IMG_8079 IMG_8094

Has lack of sleep affected your running?  Do you plan your date-nights so it doesn’t interfere with your hours of sleep prior to an early morning run?

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