myRUNweek (7) San Diego Half Training

Three more weeks left before the race.  This week passed rather quickly probably because of the President’s day holiday.  In San Diego, we are catching a glimpse of early spring with warm temps, later sunsets, and flowers in bloom.  I appreciated the burst of colors from one of my outdoor runs.

Here’s the breakdown of myRUNweek 2/15 – 2/21:

Monday – Easy 6mi (9:38/mi) + 20min strength

It was a holiday which meant my husband was around to watch the girls while I went for a run outside.  Monday runs are usually on a treadmill so I was overjoyed to have the opportunity.  I ran around my favorite neighborhood near my house.  Later, my kids wanted to play at the YMCA and I took advantage of the time for a quick strength workout focused on core and balance on the Bosu.

Tuesday – 4x1200m (5mi total with wu/cd) + 15min strength

Back with the “A group” this week.  The specified workout was 4x1200m at 10K pace.  I failed again to stay in the prescribed pace.  I kept looking at my watch and told myself to slow down but never happened.  Pace for each repeat: 7:07, 7:00, 7:01, 6:58.  Even though I felt great running those paces, I had a bad feeling I would pay for it the next day.

San Diego Track Club Tuesday Track Workout

Wednesday – 20min strength

Tired from the workout I went to bed early Tuesday night only to be awakened twice overnight by my little bug.  Naturally, I woke up exhausted and a bit sore with tightness in the right hamstring/glute.  I am a stickler with foam rolling prior to a run/gym workout and most nights while watching TV, but I ensured to spend extra time to roll out the extremely tight areas.  To keep up with my streak, I did a 20min core from the Nike Training Club app combining exercises from the Core Power and Ab Burner sessions.  It’s all the energy I could muster up for a workout.

Thursday – 9mi (9:38/mi) + 15min strength

Slightly tired but no longer sore, I selected a course around my neighborhood with various elevations to prepare my body for the one big hill at miles 8-9 of the half marathon course.  I focused on my form, shortening my stride while trying to maintain my cadence and pumped my arms straight back and forward.  I finished my workout with another core routine.

Hill Training

Friday – 15min strength

Short on time after I dropped off the girls in school because of errands and volunteer work, I waited until later in the afternoon to do my streak workout.  It almost didn’t happen as I kept putting it off but I knew I had to do a little something.

Saturday – 14mi long (8:35/mi)

The location for our long run with the training program was in North County along the coast.  The first half followed the same course as the Cardiff Kook 10K and the last half took us further north towards Carlsbad but on a course that had a few significant hills.  My legs still felt tired from the hills on Thursday so I thought this run was more difficult than our usual long runs.  I should have checked the course beforehand and adjusted my training for Thursday.  Despite the harder effort, I appreciated the clear blue skies and ocean views.  Unfortunately, since I was beat-tired afterwards, I skipped the strength workout and therefore broke my streak.  Only 9 days left and I admit this was a much harder task to accomplish than when I did it during the holidays probably because of the higher mileage and lack of sleep (less recovery).

Sunday – 30min unconventional strength

Okay don’t laugh at me for this one.  I decided to multi-task by combining a strength workout while I cleaned the master bath (actually it’s a big shower enclosure).  Do you recall Karate Kid’s wax-on, wax-off scene?  I was totally channeling my inner Mr. Miyagi.  I scrubbed for 30min with purpose and intent, pushing against the surface while I moved my arm clockwise, then counterclockwise and braced my core.  I also added a squat movement that instead of bending forward to rinse the sponge, I squatted down and held a deep squat while scrubbing the floor.  I know this all sounds silly but it actually works!

Total: Miles 34/Strength 1:55

What type of chores do you think could double as a workout?   Does it feel like spring time yet where you’re at?