myRUNweek 8 RNR San Diego Half Training

It was another challenging week.  I was in pain not because of an injury but rather one of emotion, a personal situation I prefer to keep private.  Running was my therapy this previous week as I deeply expressed in my Friday post, If I Didn’t Run Today.  I am truly grateful for the support and understanding from my family and friends.  This is a quote posted by Entrepreneur which I found fitting to my situation:
Similar to the half training plan for the San Diego Half in March, I am following a 2-week taper. Because the volume of my weekly training is low, I think two weeks is enough time for my body to feel well-rested and perform to the best of my ability on race day.

16May – 22May  Run: 27.5mi Cycle: 8mi Strength Train: 45min

Monday: HIIT (8mi) + Strength Train (15min)
Forging ahead with my HIIT workout. Every week I’ve increased the gear (also an increase in power output) with my legs responding to the intensity. I still wonder if this was the right approach to my training as I attempt to achieve another half marathon PR (sub 1:40).  Two more weeks until I find out.

Tuesday:  6×800/400R (5mi with WU)
It’s taper week for the San Diego Track Club training program so the interval training has decreased in volume. I ran my fastest splits due to running off my frustrations. Our group lead gives us words of advice prior to each lap and one he used before was “Run Angry”. Before this week, I never had a reason to be angry as I’m not a typical grouch but this time I was, actually more frustrated than angry and it translated to faster speed on the track.
Here’s what my splits looked like:
(Note: I ran in lanes 5/6 – distance approx .53 – .54mi)
1 – 3:29 (6:34/mi), 2 – 3:30 (6:38/mi), 3 – 3:29 (6:28/mi), 4 – 3:31 (6:31/mi), 5 – 3:31 (6:39/mi), 6 – 3:30 (6:38/mi)
Afterwards, I felt a satisfying release from the hard run.

Wednesday:  OFF

Thursday: 8.5mi easy (8:59/mi)
I went downtown for a relaxed and easy run while I listened to a recently discovered podcast, The Model Health Show. The host Shawn Stevenson fully recovered from a degenerative disk disease by changing his lifestyle to become the best version of himself. His story is quite riveting and you can read it here.  I love listening to informational podcasts while on a run as it allows me to learn and absorb the knowledge from many inspirational people.

Friday: Strength 30min (Hips/Core/Pulls and Pushes)

Saturday: 14mi long (8:17/mi) + Beach walk (1mi)
Another 14 miles completed – my last long run for the training cycle. Running with the moms I ran with the previous Saturday, our mile splits were faster however it was comfortable and we weren’t trying to catch our breath. I look forward to the weekend run and be in the company of great friends.

In the afternoon, we went for a walk on a trail overlooking Del Mar Beach. It was captivating to see the varying colors of the ocean, palettes of blue all around us.

 We were up on a cliff but decided to trek down a path towards the beach. It was steep and slippery and I wore shoes not ideal for this type of activity. My girls were courageous to tackle the feat. I was surprised to see my 5 yr old willing to go down the path as usually she’s afraid but I think she viewed it as an adventure. Although I was a bit nervous, I went with it as I knew this would be a confidence-builder for her.

Lowering my center of gravity so I don’t slip on the rocks!

We made it to the bottom successfully and continued to walk on the beach until we reached the playground area so the kids could play while my husband ran/walked back to the car to pick us up.

Sunday: OFF (Another Beach Day)
I spent the morning tending to our neglected yard and garden. We have four boxes of raised beds begging for some attention. It’s always been a work in progress but we do have one box filled with tomato plants and are starting to produce more fruit. We need to plant more vegetable seedlings before the summer heat arrives.

At breakfast, my 5 year old wanted to discuss what we can do for the day and her choice was to go somewhere where she could fly a kite. At first we planned to go to the bay where we can both fly a kite and launch the kayak but by the time I was done with the yard, it was already past noon! We had early dinner plans with friends so all we had time for was a quick trip to the beach, this time to Coronado which is a shorter from our house. It was chilly but a perfect windy day to fly a kite. This beach is also a good place to find sand dollars and I found two to take home with us!

Happy to finish off the week on a good note after all the stress during the week.  What’s your favorite way to de-stress besides exercise?

I am linking up with these fabulous ladies who support active women, Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap.  Thanks for hosting!