myRUNweek (8) San Diego Half Training

This is the final week of training before my 2-week taper.  As planned, my mileage peaked to 38 miles.  We were blessed with another warm week in San Diego, maybe too warm…Although it looks like in the next week or so, we will experience a wave of cooler temps.  Crossing my fingers for cool weather on race day. 

Here’s the breakdown of myRUNweek 2/22 – 2/28:

Monday – Easy 7mi (9:48/mi) + 15min core

I felt slightly lethargic even though I got enough sleep (~7.25hrs) and had a rest day on Sunday.  I wondered if I was feeling the effects of Saturday’s long run two days later.  Nevertheless, I started on the treadmill at a slow pace, telling myself if I still felt tired I can cut my miles, but my exhaustion slowly lifted with every stride that I finished 7 miles.  Amazingly, I was energetic the rest of the day. Maybe my body just needed a jumpstart…

Tuesday – 2 x 20min tempo with 5min recovery (6.5mi total with WU/CD) + core

This week I ran with the B group for additional mileage and not to say I chickened out of their workout which was 4x1mi repeats (heard it was a tough workout!).  However, the tempo run was as challenging – pace for 1st 20min was avg 7:40/mi; 2nd 20min was avg 7:39/mi.

Wednesday – 30min strength

TRX push/pulls/core and medicine ball core routine.  It’s the final week of the Strongbody streak (only 5 days to go), however I can’t count it as a ‘streak’ anymore since I missed a day last week and a couple more days this week (Thurs and Sat). Even with days missed, it still helped enforce the habit of including some form of strength workout in my day even if it’s only a short session.  The difficulty was getting it done on days with a long or hard run.

Thursday – 10mi (9:38/mi)

I love running around Coronado – this is an island with awesome views of San Diego downtown skyline across the bay on the northeast side and Coronado beach on the opposite side.  SkylinefromCoronadoThe loop around the perimeter is approximately 7miles and I add the rest of the mileage heading towards Silver Strand beach where there’s a pathway that goes all the way south to Imperial Beach.  I like looking at the houses’ architectural designs – each with their own character and their beautifully manicured landscapes.  Plus the pleasant scent from various types of flowers.  Ten miles around usually goes by quickly!

Friday – 30min strength

I was looking through Oiselle’s blog and found this core routine for runners I included in today’s workout in addition to another medicine ball routine.

Saturday – Sue Krenn 15K (7:49/mi) (Total: 14mi with WU/CD)
This was another race included in the San Diego Track Club’s training program and one of the track club’s most popular event. Last year, it celebrated its 50th year anniversary! The race when it started was called the Mission Bay 15K and has been renamed in memory of Sue Krenn, who was a member of the San Diego Track Club and also the race director for this race back in the late 70s/early 80s. More about Sue Krenn’s accomplishments are discussed on this post from San Diego Track Club blog. In honor of her dedication and service, every female finisher receives a rose which I think is a fantastic way to commemorate Sue Krenn each year.

This was from 2013 on a post in SD Healthy Living to advertise the event featuring myself and my brf! (I didn’t even know this pic was taken until another friend brought it to our attention).  It’s a great picture of us as we are caught in the midst of a funny conversation.


So I didn’t “race” until the final 2 miles.  My plan was to run my half marathon pace of 8:00/mi and see how much energy I had left at the end of the race to give me an idea if the goal of beating my PR of 1:44:34 is achievable.  Barring any injuries between now until race day (knock on wood), I feel confident I can do it!  The hardest part of the race was actually trying to stay within that pace.  I imagined myself leading a pace group who depended on me to stay at the same pace each mile – it was difficult and I felt I was expending more energy trying to maintain the 8min pace.  Here are my mile splits:  mi1-8:00, mi2-7:58, mi3-7:58, mi4-8:00, mi5-7:56,  mi6-7:56,  mi7-7:47, mi8-7:24, mi9-7:29.  I’m satisfied with the results from my run and plan to re-adjust my time goals for the half-marathon.  In the next week or so, I will have my A, B, C goals for the race written.

Sunday – 30min Strength

2000m indoor rowing + 20min hip mobility and core exercises

Total: Miles 38/Strength 1:50

Race pace – do you try to run the exact pace or do you consider a range to run it in, ie +/-3secs?