myRUNweek 9 RNR San Diego Half Training

I am a couple of days behind on my Weekly Wrap but still would like to share and document what I did this past week. Again, thanks to Holly and Tricia for hosting and supporting active women.


It’s taper time which coincided nicely with a long weekend vacation.  I was ready for a break from the norm after last week’s emotional roller coaster ride.

23-29May Run: 19mi Cycle: 7mi Strength: 40min

Monday: HIIT (7mi) + Strength Train (20min)
Legs felt fatigued equating to a slower ride, a mile less than the usual distance I cover in 20min. Maybe it’s my body signaling it’s ready to take it down a notch this week. Strength training consisted of a circuit of push/pulls on the TRX plus floor core work.

Tuesday: 5×800/400R (4.5mi with WU)
The goal as it has always been was to remain consistent but even more important now since 2 weeks will not make any difference in improving performance. It’s all about staying healthy with the proper amount of intensity. However our pack ran a bit faster and although the middle times were consistent, the pace varied because of the differences in total distance.  I ran in lanes 4/5 (from .51mi to .53 mi)
1 – 3:32 (6:57/mi), 2 – 3:25 (6:42/mi), 3 – 3:26 (6:40/mi), 4 – 3:26 (6:31/mi), 5 – 3:22 (6:28/mi)

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 90min easy run (9.6mi, 9:15/mi)
I switched the long run to Thursday since I knew I won’t have as much time to run while we’re on vacation. I haven’t ran the front end of the course yet so this was my last chance to see how it is. I covered miles 3 to 7 – not a big fan at all. It runs through a couple of neighborhoods with many curves and turns. As I am horrible with directions, I took a wrong turn and found myself circling back to where I was, so I traced back my steps to find the correct streets. Part of the course also had potholes and cracks that I had to closely pay attention to what’s right ahead of me. With all the twists and turns, it made me think how it would help to strategically run the tangents. I have to study the course a few more times to be mindful of it.

Friday: 20min strength
Completed a quick hips/core workout before volunteering in my daughter’s class. It wasn’t exciting work as I spent 45min preparing the students’ kindergarten memory books (can’t believe my daughter is almost finished with kindergarten). However, I listened to them rehearse some of the songs for their end of the year performance and as I looked at my daughter while she sang, she looked right back at me with a big smile. It was absolutely adorable.

After volunteering, I was in a frenzy to have everything packed for our weekend trip – Friday night stay in Beverly Hills (to cut down the driving time to our camping destination) and overnight camping near Kernville. We picked up the girls after school then drove straight to LA, hitting expected traffic as we neared the city. We always talk about how we need to drive to LA more often but we realized why we don’t while sitting in traffic for a period of time.

Saturday: 5mi easy run (9:30/mi)
I woke up before my alarm and quietly slipped out of our room down to the hotel lobby to find a nice surprise of water bottles, towels and a map of a 2mi, 5mi, and 7mi course.

Thanks for the support Kimpton hotel!

After researching run routes near the hotel the night before, I decided to run the UCLA loop route and coincidentally, this was the the route printed on the map.  I chose the 5mi loop through the university with a view of their blue track, passed by the mansions on Sunset Ave, the entrance to the gated Bel Air neighborhood and down through another wealthy neighborhood off Beverly Glen.  It was around 7am with hardly anyone on the streets – serene, quiet, exactly why I love heading out early in the morning.

UCLA track

After brunch, we drove 3 hours to our campsite 10 min away from Kernville, CA. This small town has a river flowing through it making it a popular destination for whitewater rafting. Plenty of campsites are also situated near the town but because of the holiday weekend, it was very crowded and we lucked out with reserving a site just outside of town. We didn’t hit any trails, but my husband got a little bit of fishing in while the girls dipped their feet in the river. We settled in an area where the river flow was less rapid but it still made me nervous when my 2 year old tried to go in further than she should (she’s the daredevil of our family!)

Girls cooling off in the Kern River

The girls were excited to set up the tent and roast marshmallows for s’mores. An unexpected thunderstorm also rolled by but it was right after we had our dinner so we all just laid in the tent, told funny stories and listened to the rain plip-plopping – it was wonderful family quality time.

Sunday: Quick strength with a ROCK!
A note to self when camping is to invest in an eyemask so the sunshine doesn’t wake me up at 5am! I tried to put the sleeping bag over my head but it made me feel too enclosed. Our site was surrounded by large rocks which gave me the idea of gathering a couple of heavy ones and do a few exercises with them. I listened to the Get Fit Guy podcast several months ago that discussed completing a workout in the wild where weights are not accessible. I love that my daughter also tried to imitate what I was doing!


Hope all of you are having a wonderful week so far. Do you run mindfully run the tangents in a race? Have you stayed in a hotel that caters to runners?