myRUNweek (9) San Diego Half Training

Why do feelings of self-doubt creep in during a taper?  As I am writing this post, the race is 6 days away and although it was just last week when I finished the 15K with confidence to achieve my goal, my thoughts are burdened with negativity that need to be pushed away. Not exactly sure where it’s coming from but maybe because I’m feeling a slight ache in my left foot that occurred last week, went away and back again this week?  Or that my eating habits headed in the wrong direction this past week (afternoon snacking has been out of control!..) I know I need to take a breath and relax.  This is the time when I need to trust in my training and let go of the stress.

My week was uneventful, but here’s the breakdown of myRUNweek 2/29 – 3/6:

Monday – Easy 5mi (9:45/mi) + 15min core/hip strength

I had a little difficulty convincing my 2 yr old to get out of the house so by the time I started my treadmill run, it was nearing lunch time.  I planned 6 mi but reduced it by a mile (no big deal) and did my core/hip strength exercises at home later in the afternoon.

I found this core exercise video on Greatist – an excellent resource site for fitness and nutrition advice.  What I like about the workout is the combination of movements in multiple planes.  My favorite exercise was the push-up and back extension (supermans) superset, however I would have shortened the time spent on the bicycle kicks because of the way it strains my neck when I’m in the position even with the hand support behind my head.

Tuesday – Prefontaine’s 200m workout 55 secs avg (approx 7:20/mi) – total 4mi with WU

Our track workout was based on the 200m workout of the renowned Steve Prefontaine who held American records in the 2mi, 3mi, 5K, and 10K and finished 4th in the 5K  at the ‘72 Olympics.  His life was cut short at the age of 24 when he died of from a car accident.  Called the Pre’s 30-40 workout, it’s 3 miles of alternating 200m (Pre ran in 30secs) with 200m (ran in 40secs).  The track club’s version is 12 continuous laps, alternating 200m with 100m recovery for the first 6 laps, and decreasing recovery distance to 50m for the final 6 laps.

I could not hit my planned pace (5K pace around 7:08/mi).  My legs felt heavy and I couldn’t pick it up to cover the short distance.  The rhythm was off for me that by the time I was gaining speed, it was time to back off for recovery.  Short distance intervals are clearly one of my weaknesses.

Wednesday – OFF

Thursday – 7mi (9:36/mi) + core strength

I covered the first few miles of the San Diego Half marathon course starting downtown and north on Harbor Dr.  Another beautiful day as I shared the sidewalk with tourists taking photos of the docked tall ships or the USS Midway, or the downtown skyline.  A popular route among runners, it’s common to see at least a dozen people out for an enjoyable run along the harbor.


Downtown San Diego view north on Harbor Dr

Friday – 30min strength – focused on core and hips (with medicine ball and cable exercises)

Saturday – 10mi long (9:24/mi)

Last long run before the race – it was an easy run conversing with friends!

Sunday – 2000m indoor rowing, 20min strength (stability ball, sandbag, pullup bar)

Total: Miles 26/Strength 1:20

Words of advice to push negative thoughts on race performance?   Do you practice mental exercises to get rid of pre-race jitters?