nuun Seminar and Spring Break – My Weekly Recap

With both girls on Spring Break, this past week felt like it would last forever!  Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my daughters but their never-ending source of energy left this mama begging for a break.  This is where my husband usually comes to my rescue but unfortunately I’m playing ‘single-mom’ while Dad is away for work.  However I am grateful to have a neighbor and sitter available to watch the girls for several hours which allowed me to attend the Nuun Seminar and get my interval run in for this week.

nuun “Future of Sports Nutrition” Seminar

When I received a notification email from the CEO himself, Kevin Rutherford regarding an opportunity to listen and learn from a world renowned exercise physiologist/nutrition scientist, Dr. Stacy Sims speak about sports nutrition, I couldn’t pass it up.  Plus I also wanted to find out more about nuun’s new product, Performance.

Kevin, the ‘Chief Eternal Optimist’ of nuun placed an emphasis on supporting the Clean Sport Collective.  He even made a point to use the hashtag #cleanmatters so it trends in the social media channels.  With all the recent doping scandals, uniting to support clean athletes is even more significant.

The seminar was more of a Q&A session with Kevin as the facilitator to start the discussion.  I took plenty of notes as Dr. Sims dropped a barrage of knowledge bombs!  Stay tuned for a future post to cover the interesting points Dr. Sims discussed.

My biggest takeaway?  Water is not enough for optimal hydration.  The right balance of water and electrolytes (mainly sodium and glucose) is needed for the body to absorb water.  Otherwise plain water goes straight to the bladder and have you running to the restrooms instead of the finish line. For intense workouts, fluid absorption is even more critical for proper hydration.  And this is how nuun Performance was specifically formulated.

Spring Break
During training, I usually schedule recovery weeks every fourth week.  However, I moved it to a week later (fifth week) to coincide with my girls’ week off from school. My 3yr old goes back to preschool after Easter but my 6yr old still has another week off.  Fortunately the YMCA had a few openings for a Monday and Wednesday camp.

So how did my training go?  Hardly any running, sad to say.

10Mon – I opted to skip an easy run due to slight strain in my right foot.  Better I stay off it and see how it felt the following day.  Instead I focused on strength training and worked on multiple joint exercises with dumbbells.

11Tue – Decided to go on my usual night intervals with Movin Shoes.  While I still felt soreness, it didn’t hurt to run even at a faster pace.  The workout was a 6x5min with 1min rest.  I forgot to wear my Garmin so I had to carry my phone to track my pace and time.  Coach had us work on a pace that can be progressed to a fast finish. It’s good practice to what we should be doing when in a race – Start conservative and finish fast.  And that’s what I accomplished!
Mile Splits: 1-7:49, 2-7:39, 3-7:22, 4-7:22

Wed/Thur/Fri- 6 to 7 hours on my feet at Legoland. I surprised my girls with a 2-day trip to Legoland. They knew we were going on a mini-vacation but I spared the details. When they saw the lego characters as we drove in, my 6 year old was so excited and pointed out how this was the BEST IDEA EVER!  A win for mom πŸ™‚

β€œSetting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.” – Albert Einstein

I knew I wouldn’t have the luxury to go for a run but I did pack my TRX.  Love how it packed perfectly into the side pocket of my duffel bag.  So I woke up early on Thursday and Friday and found a 30min TRX workout on youtube.

14Sat – 8mi run.  I felt lethargic during the run most likely due to improper nutrition.  I don’t think I ate enough the night before and the morning of.  Halfway through the run, I circled back to where I parked my car to take a small bite off the bar I brought and finished my planned miles.  It was tempting to just jump in my car and call it a day, but after several days of not running, I needed to be out at least to enjoy the morning (sans girls).

What are your thoughts on only drinking plain water for hydration?  What’s your go-to sports drink for intense or long workouts?  

I am connecting with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap. Thanks for the support ladies!