NYC Marathon training

This week starts my 20 weeks of training for NYC marathon.  After perusing through my collection of books with different approaches to marathon training, I decided to base mine off the “Run Less, Run Faster” plan.  The idea of quality runs three times during the week, plus two additional cross training days appealed to me.  My body can only handle so much mileage before it starts to breakdown, so I’m interested in attempting the training program with a few modifications and see where it takes me.

Nothing is set in stone,of course, but I’ve drafted mine to include the following:

1.  Run 3-4x and Crosstrain/Strength Train 1-2x per week (Tues – intervals; Thurs – tempo/hills; Sat – long run)

2.  Maximum mileage buildup to approx 50-55mi

3.  Three 20-mi long run

4.  Include tune-up races (AFC half marathon)

And my biggest challenge is finding the time especially with summer break coming up and having both children at home.  Foreseeing miles and miles logged on the treadmill at the local Y.