Obsessed with Vivofit 2

The least of my intentions was to become obsessed with a fitness tracking device.  I needed another watch besides my Garmin Forerunner, so when I saw a deal on cyber Monday back in November for a Vivofit, it was too hard to pass up. I mean why not jump on the fitness tracker bandwagon?!

I originally had my eye on the Fitbit Blaze months ago when I first considered a fitness tracker but I wasn’t thrilled with the price tag.  I asked myself if I really needed to know the number of steps I take each day – Absolutely not!  Until I saw the big markdown of the Vivofit on Amazon.  I suppose I could have just purchased a simple digital watch with a timer, but after further research I saw the colorful interchangeable bands available .  They reminded me of the Swatch watch I used to wear in high school back in the 90s.  Remember those?

I wish I kept my old Swatches!


S.M.A.R.T. Step Goals

What has drawn me in is the SMART goal setting attribute of the tracker.

Specific – starts at 10000 steps then increases depending on the number of steps I complete each day.

Measurable – there’s a countdown display where I can see how many more steps I need to take before I reach my goal

Attainable – yes and no! On the days I run, it’s easily attainable, however I need to make an effort to get those steps in on my off days.  I was never a fan of walking, but this tracker has converted me to one.  On the days I don’t run, I now walk around my neighborhood after dinner and I would even walk in circles around my house to reach the goal steps.

Relevant – How is this relevant?  To me, it’s about the importance of movement.  And another feature of the Vivofit is what I would call the “Lazy Indicator”.  After an hour of inactivity, I’d hear a beep and a red horizontal bar appears above the time to indicate that I’ve been inactive for an hour.  If I continue to be inactive, it beeps and gives me another bar at 15min increments.  This continues for a total of two hours.  To get rid of the bars, I have to get up and move briskly.  It actually takes a few minutes of moderately paced walking for it to clear and even more when I’ve been “lazy” for more than an hour.

Time Bound – usually by 8:30pm is when my steps are down to a minimum.  Not much movement happening after my girls go to bed except maybe some foam-rolling while watching TV.  Once I start the Sleep function, the counter stops and the steps for the following day are recalculated.

The Sleep Factor

In addition to tracking steps, the Vivofit 2 also tracks sleep quality based on the body’s amount of movement while asleep.  It determines the number of hours I spent in light sleep and deep sleep.  We go through different stages of sleep from light to deep to R.E.M. in a 90mim cycle.  The image below provides more info on it.  Light sleep would be Stage 1 and 2 (approx 60% of the time) and the rest of the stages are deep sleep.

I check the details of my sleep everyday which has varied.  I usually get 7 – 7.5 hours of sleep with an average of at least 3 hrs of deep sleep.  According to the information above, it looks like I am getting the quality sleep I need. It’s not exactly accurate but I take note of my sleep pattern and figure out why on some days I get more deep sleep than other days.

7-day Sleep Avg from Garmin Connect app


Some people have a love-hate relationship with their activity tracker.  All I have for mine is love, love, love.  Do you wear a fitness tracker?  Which one?  What do you like best about it?