Post-race recovery week rehash

Two days of soreness mainly my IT band and quads.  Nothing serious that a foam roller and rest couldn’t resolve.  Would have loved a massage but didn’t find the time for it.

Wed, 4Jun was National Running day and I celebrated taking Iz out for a joy ride in the stroller.  A short and slow jog.   Passed a dude wearing his Rock n Roll marathon shirt also running with a stroller.  I was wearing the same shirt so we gave each other a congratulatory nod.

Thurs, I had planned to go to the Y to run on the treadmill, but nowadays I have to think of ways to convince my 3 yr old to go along with the plan.  It’s a hit or miss with her as certain days she would be willing to go, but most of the time she would rather be elsewhere. So I resorted to plan B which was to do some type of workout at home which doubled as entertainment for the kids.  As I did various exercises on the TRX, Eyva my 3 yr old took turns with me as she pretended to do the same exercise and Izzy my 9mo old was amused just watching me do any type of movement.  Yeay for win-win!

Fri, a 3 miler stroller run while Eyva was in gymnastics class.  Fighting the wind made it a tougher workout.

Sun, 5mi on my own.  I had the alarm set early but snoozed it a few times.  Easier to sleep in when I don’t have to run with a group.  So I need to find one when NYC training starts.

Week rundown – total 9.5mi


R- TRX 20min