Rattlesnake Sighting and New Snack Obsession – On my Weekly Training Recap

Another month behind us!  I say March was a successful training period with 80 miles in the books. After a much-needed visit to a massage therapist, my hamstring issues were behind me.  Not to say I didn’t have twinges occurring in other parts of my body, but overall I felt great!  I plan to head back this month for maintenance (and stress-relief).

So what was the most exciting thing that happened to me this week?  My first ever rattlesnake sighting!  Let me preface by saying, I am not a fan of snakes. It makes me feel squeamish.   Thursday mid-day after I dropped off my daughters in school, I decided to run the trails near my house. The temperature was already rising.  If I drove anywhere, I would be stuck running in the heat.  I planned to run 60 min with some hill repeats thrown in. On the way to the first major hill, I noticed a very small snake (could have a been a garter snake) who quickly slithered away as I ran by it. This was an omen! A sign I needed to pay close attention to the trail ahead of me.

When I reached the hill, I did a couple of repeats but then realized that the rest of the course was a hill workout already. I was feeling tired by this point and it’s only been 15 minutes! So I coninued on the trail where it split into two different directions.  I took the more hilly route on a single track with overgrown wildflowers on both sides. My eyes were locked on the ground! But at the same time, I reveled in the beauty that surrounded me.

I had five more minutes on my watch when I approached another major downhill.  At this point, I didn’t feel like climbing another hill on my way back, so I decided this was the perfect spot to turn around.  I was back on a wider path of the trail when I happened to immediately spot the rattlesnake’s tail.   I stopped as my heart rate shot off the roof (I wish I had my heart rate monitor on to see if it spiked!)   It was several feet ahead of me.  I didn’t hear its distinctive buzzing sound but I noticed its tail in the vertical position. Fortunately, it was crawling in the direction away from the trail and into the grassy field.

After a minute or so, I had a hit of adrenaline rush as I finished off with much more energy than when I started. I wanted to get out of the area as fast as I could!  The funny part about this experience was when I told my 3 year old about it, she asked if I took a photo. She wanted to see what the snake looked like.  I guess I could have taken a picture but I was very anxious and didn’t even think about it.  I was relieved I saw the snake way ahead of me.  This is one of the reasons why I started running trails only recently.  Fear of snakes!  And in my research about rattlesnakes, the San Diego Zoo described them as ‘Beautiful and Misunderstood’.  They’re scared of us as much as we are of them!  From now on, I have to be even more mindful of every step I take on the trail.

Weekly Workouts:

M:  Strength train with TRX and Kettlebell, PT exercises
T: Intervals with Movin Shoes – 8x3min with 1 min rest. The coach wanted us to start slow enough to maintain the same pace or faster with every interval. Started with a 7:45/mi avg and finished with 7:25/mi avg
W: Did an abbreviated version of this awesome dumbbell workout from ACE fitness
R: Trail Run – 5mi
F: Off (Yard Work)
Sa: Long Run 11mi
Su: Off (more Yard Work)

Are you a Trader Joe’s fan?  I find myself browsing their aisles at least once a week.  One of my favorites is the variety of affordable fresh flowers. Every trip to TJ’s I come home with a bouquet of flowers.  Last time were pink ranunculus that lasted for two weeks.  

As I browsed the nuts and seeds aisle, I noticed one package of seeds I’ve never heard of before – Sancha Inchi seeds.  This is what the fruit looks like after it’s dried.  I love the floral shape!

Credit Image from Huff Post article

It’s native to Peru and Southeast Asia and is considered as the next superfood.  It tastes like a nut but it does have a “distinctively fish flavor” aftertaste as pointed out in this Huffington post article.  I actually like the flavor and it has become my go-to snack lately.  What makes it a superfood?  Apparently it has the highest levels of plant-based omega-3s , 300% of the daily allowance of ALA and 8g of protein per 1 oz serving.  

Any wild animal sighting while out on your run?  Have you tried Sancha Inchi seeds or some type of food you’ve never heard of before?

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