Relax and Recover

This was a fully rejuvenating week without the stress of hard workouts or specific paces to hit.  My quads were sore for two days after the RNR San Diego Half (recap here) so I definitely needed to rest. Walking with my 2yr old around the Children’s museum on Monday and the playground Tuesday helped relieve the soreness.

Tiny girl with a giant paintbrush

Wednesday and Thursday, I was back in the gym to resume my strength training workouts focusing on five primary movements (covered in Phase 2 – Movement Training of the ACE Integrated Fitness Model): 1. Bend and Lift (Squats and Deadlifts) 2. Single leg (Lunge) 3. Push 4. Pull 5. Rotate.  These movements are also the basis of the strength training book I’m currently reading, one of the New Rules of Lifting series.

Wednesday afternoon I received a box of goodies from Sof Sole, a company known for its insoles as well as socks and shoe care accessories.  A couple of months ago I received an email inviting me to join their inaugural team.  I happily accepted and thrilled to represent Team Nova.

What a glorious weekend!  Two days of sleeping in until almost 8am!!!  It was nice not having to wake up at 5am to get ready for a Saturday long run.  But I still got a short run in on Saturday.  Immediately after waking, I had a drink of water and headed out for a quick trail run.  Even though I wore my watch I had it set so I won’t see my pace or distance and run by feel.

Easy trail run

This past week I found out about a yoga class located at Sunset Cliffs with sweeping ocean views.  The instructor is Jessica Matthews (bio here) who is a well-renowned health and fitness expert known as FitExpertJess in the social media circles. She led a Vinyasa Flow class on Sunday and the day couldn’t be any more perfect.  Photo below was taken from a previous class but isn’t the view magnificent!?

In the afternoon, we decided to accomplish our 2nd peak of the 5-peak challenge.  I looked at the map, then selected the shortest distance (1.2 one way) and lowest elevation (1100 ft).  Unbeknownst to me that this would be categorized as a ‘difficult’ trail!

The firefighters were out on the trail conducting fire drills.

The shorter distance should have given the clue that there would be less switchbacks and the route to the top would be more direct meaning tougher climbs.

Uphill trail! At this point my 5yr old was asking if we were there yet!

My 2 yr old was snoozing in the pack. My hubby got an awesome workout!

45 minutes later, we made it to the summit!  A family of 5 + 2 dogs were there as well and offered to take our photo.  It was great to have the trail mostly to ourselves.  When we hiked up Cowles Mt, it was overcrowded.  I look forward to the next three summits but I may have to do those on my own or with friends.  It’s double the distance one way.  Will see what the girl says about going for another summit hike!

Made it to the top!

I happened to insert the Sof Sole Athlete insole into my old pair of running shoes.  Best idea as it totally renewed it and I didn’t mind getting these shoes dirty.  Plus the cushioning and support made it a more comfortable hike.
My proudest moment was the confidence my daughter gained from accomplishing a challenging feat.  She hiked the entire trail all on her own without too many complaints.  She did ask many times if we were up to the top yet.  I heard telling herself a few times, “You can do this Eyva”  while on our way down the tougher parts of the trail.  This was her mantra to overcome her fears.

Doing it all on her own with the support of her walking stick!

Have you taken an outdoors yoga class?  Do you wear insoles in your running/hiking/walking shoes?  What’s your longest/highest trail hike?

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