Ripped from TRX Rip Training

I’m using the term ‘Ripped’ to describe the microscopic tears to my muscles after a 50-min session using both TRX Suspension and Rip Trainer. I still had a few classes left on my Class Pass so I searched for a studio that offered a TRX class. One popped up, Fit City San Diego, a small studio located 25-min away from my house. When I read the class description, I was excited and a little intimidated to try the Rip trainer since I’ve never used this specific tool before.


Photo Credit: Fit City San Diego

The trainer, Mark is also the owner of the studio and is well-versed with the TRX equipment. I read in his bio that he has three different TRX certifications. Only two other females were in the class, so we all received the attention necessary for further instructions and form adjustments. According to the class description, TRX RIP Blast is a full body workout with 30 minutes on the TRX suspension followed by 20 minutes on the TRX Rip. However, we actually alternated between the two equipment. After a few exercises on the suspension, we switched to one or two exercises on the Rip.

As defined by TRX, Rip Training utilizes a lever bar and resistance cord to provide a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, strength, mobility, metabolic conditioning, balance and coordination challenges.

Mark focused mainly on rotational movements when we used the Rip Trainer that revealed the weakness in my core.  It definitely made me realize how much work I need to do to improve my rotational strength.  At first I felt awkward and weak as I attempted to execute the movements Mark showed us.  I really had to engage my core to successfully complete the exercises.  The Samurai Strike gave me the most trouble!

But my favorite was the Paddleboard Row.  I think it was the only movement I felt the most confident in doing. Must have been due to the time spent on the

water during our vacation.

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After the grueling 50 minute session, my body was ready to cool down and stretch.  Mark finished the session with a few minutes of stretching with the TRX straps and on the floor.

The day after I could feel the effects of that workout.  While it was only bodyweight, it was effective in giving my body the challenge it needed.  I liked the atmosphere of training in a small group where the trainer was able to observe and correct my form.  Training with a group and in the presence of a trainer also allowed me to push myself to a higher level.

Will I add the TRX Rip trainer to my arsenal of training equipment?  It’s a possibility but I think I will take more classes to condition my body, improve my rotational power and determine then if it’s worth the investment.

Have you used the TRX Rip – yay or nay?  What type of rotational exercises do you include in your regimen?

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