Summer Fitness Bucket List

Is it June already?!  With the half-marathon this weekend and no major races in the horizon, I wanted to set other fitness goals over the summer.  Something different, something new, to give my body a break from the usual pavement pounding workouts. The kids will be out of school so I have to figure out ways to incorporate my goals into our schedule.

I am linking with the DC Trifecta ladies – Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia for their Friday Five. This week’s topic is all about Fitness.


Summer = Water Play.  The girls are ready to resume their swim lessons again.  Because I didn’t learn to swim until I was in highschool, I think it’s so important for my daughters to learn at an early age for their own safety.  It’s been several years since my last lap swim when I trained for a sprint triathlon in 2009 and continued to swim through my pregnancy the following year.  So after the race, I plan to swim again (it would be a good recovery workout) at least once a week.

Along the same lines of water play, I would love to try stand-up paddleboarding.  Only problem is, I still need to invest in one.  I’ve looked at a few on Craigslist but haven’t seriously considered buying one yet and I need to!  I’ve seen paddleboarders out on the bay with their kid riding along and it looks like a lot of fun.  The insta-pic below is from San Diego Paddlers.

Complete the Mission Trails 5-Peak Challenge.  This challenge kicked off last November to hike to the summit of 5 peaks in any order and on your own timeframe.  I hiked up to Cowles Mt with my family a few months ago carrying my 25 lb daughter in a pack.  I didn’t study the trail beforehand and brought only one small bottle of water.  It took us at least 40 minutes without any water to spare by the time we reached the top.  For accountability, a selfie has to be taken next to the sign with the name of each peak to be submitted to the Ranger Station in order to receive a certificate, a pin and a coupon from one of the local adventure gear stores.

IMG_8103 (800x800)

Back in February when we made it to the peak of Cowles Mt. 4 more to go!

And speaking of trails, I would love to run more of them.  There are so many trails to explore in the vicinity of San Diego, I could run a new one each week until the end of summer.  I may even entertain a trail race in the future.  In researching trail runs, I came across a meetup group called San Diego Dirt Devils – it sounds like a great group of people who loves to hit the trails.  The photographs captured on their runs makes trail running even more enticing.

Credit to San Diego Magazine

More focus on strength training.  I hate to admit it but I haven’t been as serious with my strength training regimen.  I did enough to maintain muscle mass but I would like to build more and get even stronger.  Another StrongBody Streak summer edition may be in the works so tune in!

What are your plans for the summer?  Road or Trail?