Summer Fitness Weekly Wrap

It was a full-blown week packed with activities to keep my girls busy as this was the first week with both of them out of school.  I am grateful to live in a city where a variety of activities are available so each day we had something different to do.   And just because I had my girls all day didn’t mean I abandoned my fitness routine – I explored the option of rising early in the morning before my husband left for work to fit in a run.  Without having a regimented morning to ready the girls for school, I also took advantage of the luxury of sleeping in some days before the girls awakened. Ultimately, it would be best for me to wake up early every day to check off my list of to-do items.  It’s a matter of becoming disciplined with going to bed at a reasonable time.

Summary of my Summer Fitness routine:
Mon – 45min strength-train (heavy weights) + 2k row machine
Tues -3x1200m intervals on grass with SDTC (~4mi total and core)
Wed – OFF
Thurs – 30min run + med ball/stability ball core
Fri – 60min strength-train (heavy weights + TRX)
Sat-  9mi
Sun – OFF

Tuesday, I woke up to a sore body from a strenuous workout the day before.  I went to the San Diego Track Club’s grass intervals at the park feeling I had robotic legs, so heavy I had a tough time picking them up.  The workout scheduled was 3x1200m with a 3-min recovery at a pace 45min faster than my half marathon pace (~6:52/mi).  I managed to run 7:00/mi. As I ran the loop to finish 1200m, I thought about how I need to rearrange my strength training schedule so that it doesn’t affect my running, if I were to keep up the same routine when formal training for another long-distance race resumes.  Or maybe by that time, my body will be conditioned enough that the soreness won’t be as impactful.

I was an early riser on Thursday for my first attempt at an early morning run.  I didn’t even have time for coffee for a quick caffeine pick-me-up.  With a limited amount of time, I guzzled down a glass of water and was out the door by 0530 for a half an hour run.  A foggy mist lingered on top of the surrounding mountains and I even spotted a couple of bunnies on a trail with the least expectation of coming to close contact with a human being.  It was quiet, serene with only the sounds of my breath and footfalls.  A feeling of contentment engulfed my body,  truly a peaceful experience I appreciated.

Can you spot the two cute bunnies?

I admit I enjoyed the quiet solitude of that morning run but I wasn’t prepared to get up early again until maybe the following week.  However a college friend who is moving out of town and would be her last long run in San Diego asked if I had any long runs planned for the weekend.  The usual group I run with during the summer are training for a marathon so their long run was more mileage than I wanted to do, therefore we made our own plans.

She suggested a 5:30am run so she could be back before her kids woke up.  The problem was I had to drive 40min to meet where she wanted to run so I declined.  It meant I had to be up at 4am to eat and drive! She suggested she could be at my house by 5:30 and we could run around my ‘hood.  It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  My BRF also joined us and we had a blast running, sharing stories that made us laugh out loud.  Hopefully we weren’t too loud to awaken the slumbering neighbors.  We finished by 7am and my family was still asleep which gave me time to myself to sip my coffee.  These early morning runs might happen more often now that I’ve done it a couple of times already.

What a fun run! Smiles all around.

What time is an early morning run to you?  (I saw someone on Insta started hers at 0430 – I think 5:30 may be my limit).  Do you eat anything before a quick morning run?

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