The One Thing in 2017 and a Big Announcement

Last year on New Year’s Day, I listed my Five Fitness Goals for the year. Three of the five goals I successfully met, one I partially did and one totally fell on the wayside.  The one where I failed to follow through was Meditation and it’s the One Thing in 2017 I will turn into a habit.

Why only One Thing?

If you’re familiar with the book The One Thing by Gary Keller, then you might understand why I decided to narrow my focus.  When I’ve tried to do too many things, I end up doing less than what I had intended.  Just as the author pointed out, “Where I’d had huge success, I had narrowed my concentration to one thing, and where my success varied, my focus had too.”

I decided to start on Monday, 2Jan.  Last year when I intended to start a meditation practice, I explored a few apps to help me with the process.  One I liked best is Calm, particularly the Body Scan session.  The narrator, a woman’s voice guides you to become more aware of every part of your body from head to toe.  It gave me the deepest form of relaxation afterwards even if it was only for a few minutes. Unfortunately, I only tried it a few times.

So since Monday for the past seven days, I’ve been on a streak.  Every morning when the alarm went off, I put on my headphones and clicked on the Body Scan session.  For five minutes, I bring my attention to every part of my body from head to toe.  I am starting at five minutes everyday and will progress to 10min or possibly 20min depending on how much time I have first thing in the morning.

What’s the point of meditation?Lately it feels like time is slipping by too quickly, my life cruising at full speed.

I want to slow down.

I want to be still.

I want to feel present.

My mind has been constantly filled with different ideas heading in different directions. Even just for a few minutes each day, if I can just be mindfully aware of the here and now.  My hope is that it will help set off a chain reaction later in the day that will allow me to be more in tune with what’s happening in the present, not in the past nor the future.

And on to my big announcement!  No, there will not be another addition to my family. Although I did get one of 5 babies hidden in a Rosca cake from a Día de Reyes party I recently attended.  It’s one of my friend’s traditions and I think it’s great to continue traditions from childhood experiences.

I need to cut to the chase.  I am so thrilled to let everyone know about my new position as the ‘Run Coach’ for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Team Momentum in San Diego!  It’s been at least six years since I resigned after 11 years of service in the Navy.  I know I made the right decision to leave to focus on my daughters.  However now that my girls are older and more independent, I was ready to take on more meaningful work.  And I’m grateful to do something I’m passionate for and value immensely.  Grateful that the MDA Endurance manager found my information online and offered me an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.  Even more grateful to be a part of a community supporting a great cause.

Team Momentum is MDA’s endurance training program that empowers individuals of all athletic abilities to train for a half or full marathon while supporting kids and adults with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related life-threatening diseases. Participants dedicate their miles, muscles and personal finish line to freeing families from the harm of muscle-debilitating diseases that take away everyday freedoms like walking, running, hugging and even breathing.  -from MDA website

If you would like to participate, support, or find out more information about MDA Team Momentum, visit this link.

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