The Taper Blues

10 days until race day and I’m going through a funk.  Last week is what I would consider a non-running week as I struggled to complete an easy 7- mile run, followed by an emerging series of aches and pains (ankle/hamstring/IT band).  I’ve heard of “phantom pains” surfacing during this period which could be the case since I didn’t have as many issues the past several weeks of training.  Yet even with the knowledge, I can’t help but feel a bit discouraged.  Thursday, I only managed 3 miles – I could have pushed for more but common sense pointed to rest and recovery.  Then unexpectedly when I felt ready to run on Saturday, I went through another hurdle of being sick from something I ate the night before. A severe stomachache and eventual vomiting caused the worst body aches the following day.  I managed to sleep most of the day (thanks to my husband who watched the girls!) and felt better in the afternoon.  

Sunday, I was sitting next to my 2 year old happy and content playing in the sand.  It’s been a week since she had the unfortunate event of fracturing her left humerus.  What’s amazing to me is her sheer resilience, absolutely unfazed by this bandage wrapped around her arm to minimize its movement.  Rather, she focused on her strengths so she could continue to enjoy her daily activities.  This particular observation uplifted me.  Instead of brooding over one bad week, I should be celebrating my achievements up to this point and BELIEVE my goals are within reach.