These Selfies cost me $189!

I have an embarrassing story to tell.  At first, I wanted to keep it a secret, but I figured maybe someone else can relate or learn from it like I did.  I mean who really wants to spend $189 for a selfie!?

So, I’m currently in training for a trail half marathon in December but without a formal plan.  I have a progression of mileage drafted on a calendar with the goal of running on trails one to two times a week and a bit of speed work.  Since I don’t have a time-goal, I aim to just have my body trail-ready.

This past Tuesday, I ran 4x800s on a gravel trail by a park about a mile from my house. On a run, I always bring my Nathan water bottle that has a zippered pocket to hold my phone and house key.  I also had my headphones so I can listen to a podcast during my run.

After a mile warm-up, I picked up my pace for the first 800 averaging a 7:40/mi pace.  The second 800 I decided to run in the opposite direction, counterclockwise and noticed my pace was 30secs slower.  I wondered if I just went too fast on the first interval. But when I ran in the clockwise direction for the third 800, I was clocking the same 7:40/mi pace and again in the other direction, 30secs slower.  This is an interesting observation to me since running on a track, we always run counterclockwise.  Does my body’s rotational tendency favor the right instead of left?  I believe my left leg is the stronger leg which could be why I was faster running clockwise.  By the way, this is the first time I’ve done this ‘experiment’.  May have to try it on a real track and see if I get the same results.

After I finished my final 800, I wanted to take a celebratory selfie to share on social media. It’s what we do as runners right!?

I slowly ran a mile home to cool down and when I took my phone out of the water bottle pocket, my heart started pounding as I realized my key was gone!  Immediately, I checked my surroundings to see if I dropped it right when I took my phone out.  No luck!  Then I figured, it probably fell out when I grabbed my phone to take the selfies.  A little frustrated, I ran back to the park while scanning the area just in case it somehow fell out during my run back.  I knew exactly where I took my phone out and even looked at the photo I took just to make sure I was at the right spot.

Where’s my missing key?

Unfortunately after several minutes of searching, the key was nowhere to be seen.  At this point, I started thinking of alternatives, wondering if I left any windows unlocked or if I can crawl through the doggie door with the hopes that I left the garage door unlocked.  Well none of those alternatives worked.  My house was completely secured.  The only option I had was call a locksmith.  I looked up locksmiths on yelp and settled for one nearby so I didn’t have to wait too long.  It was close to noon,  I was starting to get ‘hangry’ and I only had a couple hours left before the kids were out of school.

Ten minutes later after the locksmith arrived, I was inside my house relieved but dismayed I had 189 less dollars in my pocket. The locksmith must have sensed my desperation and knew I wouldn’t argue the cost.  I thought it was overpriced but I didn’t want to waste any time calling other companies.  Although I was a bit upset about the entire situation, I also felt grateful it was resolved rather quickly.

Lesson 1:  Keep an extra key hidden.  Would you believe that in the last nine years, this was my first time ever losing a key?  I never thought of hiding a key just in case because I never experienced being locked out!  A friend also suggested one of those realtor’s lock box where you can leave a key and just punch in a code to retrieve it.

Lesson 2:  Key in my shorts/pants pocket instead of the water bottle holder especially when my phone is in it.  I went for a run the following day and was so paranoid, I checked to make sure my key was in my pocket every mile.

Lesson 3:  No more selfies on the run!.?.!  May have to reconsider this one.  I like taking photos of what I see during my run especially if it’s a beautiful scenery.  Lessons 1 and 2 may be enough to prevent me from this mishap!

Ever lost your keys while on a run?  Where do you place yours when you’re running?  Have you noticed the difference in time when running clockwise vs counterclockwise?

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